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Easter bonnets -Grr

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edgarcat Thu 10-Apr-03 09:22:27

Message withdrawn

Meanmum Thu 10-Apr-03 09:58:07

How about a baseball cap with some ears cut out and stapled to it and a cotton ball on the back. Not that great really but it is the least craft orientated I can think of. Have your 4 year old colour the ears in.

I'll probably get yelled at for suggesting staples in a cap which will scratch your childs ears but I'm sure you'll think of something else. How about a beany (with the snow today your child may need it tomorrow) with the ears etc on.

I'm not crafty either which is obvious by my response. Hope you get better answers.

sb34 Thu 10-Apr-03 10:23:34

Message withdrawn

Amanda1 Thu 10-Apr-03 13:15:31

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Thu 10-Apr-03 13:26:54

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Thu 10-Apr-03 13:27:35

Message withdrawn

Meanmum Thu 10-Apr-03 14:12:02

I thought you said you weren't artistic. You've done better than I could have. Good luck. It sounds quite impressive.

A pat on the back for you as its shown me what a great mum you are considering your comment about lack of artistic ability. It's a shame photos can't be posted here so we could see the end result.

edgarcat Thu 10-Apr-03 14:25:44

Message withdrawn

Slinky Thu 10-Apr-03 14:33:04

We've just finished ours at lunchtime!

Fortunately, I had an old straw hat (small) in the cupboard - left over from DD1s fancy dress outfit.

So DD2 and I used tissue paper round the sides, then on top I made a little basket, which DD2 coloured in. We've stuck this on top of hat and screwed up some green tissue paper inside, then placed some little chicks (bought from Birthdays shop) inside.

Around the rim, more tissue paper with more chicks and some egg shapes that DD2 coloured in.

Easter Bonnet parade is tomorrow at nursery - and I have no excuse not to do it - as I work there!!

tigermoth Thu 10-Apr-03 14:55:59

If you can, go to your nearest pound shop - the ones round here are full of easter decorations - fluffy chicks - 20 for £1.00. Buy chicks or something else that's easter-like, find a hat, or make one, stick them on with seletape, add tinsel and flowers if it's a girly one and you're there!

Bumblelion Thu 10-Apr-03 16:59:19

I had the same dilemma Tuesday this week. Made a hat out of card, stuck on foam flowers (bought a kit that makes daffodils and tulips from my local stationery shop), chicks in egg-cups, feathers, etc - and this was for a boy!

My local stationery store sells "easter bonnet kits" but they had sold out. They were getting a delivery on Wednesday - 1 day too late for me - but I might buy one and put it away for next year.

It makes me laugh schools putting this kind of thing on - it is lovely for the children but, being a single mother to 3 children, it is hard to find the time to actually make one. DS wasn't that interested either.

grommit Thu 10-Apr-03 19:02:57

Hey this is great timing - just been told that my dd's nursery is doing an Easter parade next week and I have to make a bonnet. Had no idea what to do until now!

edgarcat Thu 10-Apr-03 20:00:11

Message withdrawn

grommit Thu 10-Apr-03 21:13:13

Edgarcat - I will hit the shops tomorrow! Thanks

edgarcat Fri 11-Apr-03 13:53:48

Message withdrawn

Copper Sat 12-Apr-03 15:29:57

Ha, he will want one every year now he has got eggs for it!

Does anybody have any advice on Easter Egg hunts? Last year I got up at the crack of dawn and hid about 30 small eggs round the garden for three children to find. I was a bit surpised when they came in with only 11 between them - until we say a queasy looking squirrel burying an egg! Any advice?

SoupDragon Sat 12-Apr-03 18:13:16

Don't put them out so early!

Copper Wed 23-Apr-03 13:52:26

Actually, they all survived this year (a shorter space of time, SoupDragon)but largely I think because a cat lurks in our garden now and the squirrels have disappeared)

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