Giving notice for private school

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camembertandcranberry Wed 11-Mar-09 09:21:17

Asking for a confused friend who has to give a term's notice if she's taking her kids out....does she have to tell them by the end of this term or the first day of next term if it says she has to give a term's notice in the contract?

poopscoop Wed 11-Mar-09 09:22:45

I would give notice at the end of this term to be on safe side, although would have thought first day next term should suffice. They usually want a full terms notice, so would err on the side of caution and go for end of this term.

LIZS Wed 11-Mar-09 09:34:04

I would say by the beginning of next term but the t and c's should state it

londonartemis Wed 11-Mar-09 09:34:16

I know someone who gave notice on Day One of the term before they wanted to leave - ie after Easter holidays to say they would not be back in September - and they lost out. Best to leave an entire term, so give notice now if you want to have left by Sept.
I think that school was particularly tough, but it is not that unusual to hear similar examples.

senua Wed 11-Mar-09 09:46:11

Send a letter in during the holidays? If so, ask for receipt / acknowledgment.

camembertandcranberry Wed 11-Mar-09 10:19:11

I think contractually if you posted a letter before the start of the school term it would be OK. As the contract would be terminated when you posted the letter under contract law.
I'd be worried it wouldn't arrive though. would be just my luck....!

She isn't keen on telling them now and wants to wait until the last minute.Not sure why. But not so last minute she gets charged a term's fees!

AMumInScotland Wed 11-Mar-09 10:28:43

Personally, I'd send it a few days before the end of term and have it "signed for" so there's a note of it being delivered in case of any question later. Or else take it into the school office and ask for a receipt, but that may make her feel more uncomfortable if she's already not keen on telling them.

mumof2222222222222222boys Wed 11-Mar-09 10:31:40

Check the contract and see what that says. There will be a notice period.

camembertandcranberry Wed 11-Mar-09 10:37:33

It just says a 'term's notice' (well worded a bit more legally than that) - it doesn't say whether it has to be before the first day.

Think she should just get on with it - it would be too expensive a mistake to risk leaving it.

AMumInScotland Wed 11-Mar-09 10:49:06

I'd say she's taking a big risk if she leaves it till the first day of term - they could easily say it's not a full term's notice if they want to be awkward. After all it's "a term minus a few hours" which is less than a whole term.

From the school's point of view, they might be able to contact someone on a waiting list during the holidays to take up the place, but the first day of the new term would be a bit late to try to do that.

At the very latest she should do it during the holiday, as the staff will presumably be in the office a day or two before the children go back, but even that is risky. I'd stick with doing it right at the end of the term if she wants to delay as long as possible but still be safe.

happywomble Wed 11-Mar-09 10:59:05

If she is sure she is taking the children out why doesn't she give notice now. It will be one thing off her mind and the school will be grateful for the extra notice to try to fill the places.

I gave notice for one of my DCs and had a kind letter back from the Head. Am just relieved to have got it out the way!

mumof2222222222222222boys Wed 11-Mar-09 11:02:43

Depending on definition of a term - could be interpreted as term + full holiday.

camembertandcranberry Wed 11-Mar-09 12:16:48

Right will pass that on mumto - thanks to everyone for your input. I think she is sort of burying her head in the sand as she's dreading the whole thing.

Ceebeejay Sun 22-Mar-09 18:49:22

I have always given notice on the first day back of the term we are leaving and have never had any problems.

dilemma456 Sun 22-Mar-09 19:42:45

Message withdrawn

Ceebeejay Fri 27-Mar-09 19:10:16

haha - three times in just over three years!! not totally my fault as we have moved quite a distance and made a mistake at the first school!! first one was Steiner to non Steiner too!! grin

DesperateHousewifeToo Fri 27-Mar-09 19:20:57

Why does she not want to give notice at the end of this term? (probably too late now as I guess they broke up today)

School won't care (unless it's late and they can squeeze the fees out of you!)

She could always pop the letter through the door the day before they go back after Easter and make sure the letter is correctly dated.

camembertandcranberry Fri 27-Mar-09 21:21:24

She has now told them - didn't want to take the risk. Thanks all for the advice.

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