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brokenhearted Mon 09-Mar-09 11:29:01

Have been thinking of taking a look at Haileybury, for DC, does anyone have any knowledge on the school. Any opinions appreciated. TIA

christywhisty Mon 09-Mar-09 11:52:07

It is fairly local to us. Don't know anyone at the school now, but we used the swimming pool last weekend for a cubs competition and the swimming facilities there are excellent.

PestoMonster Mon 09-Mar-09 12:15:17

I used to live close by and some of my school friends went to Haileybury for the sixth form (at that time they only allowed girls in for sixth form). They all seemed to have a good time.
Can't comment on the education, but I did used to ride through its grounds all the time as there are quite a few bridlepaths through the school. I always used to think it looked lovely. Oh, and my French teacher's husband worked as a language teacher there. I think it has a very good reputation.

frannikin Mon 09-Mar-09 20:39:14

They were very well known in the MUN community when I was at school and all the pupils I met from there seemed pretty confident, intelligent and articulate. Their conferences were awesome - not quite as good as RRIMUN or THIMUN but much friendlier, which made it different. Don't know whether that's a reflection on the general ethos of the school or not though! Gorgeous setting too...

babyboo78 Mon 16-Mar-09 16:51:21

Message withdrawn

teetering Mon 16-Mar-09 22:25:52

Read the Haileybury entry in The Good Schools Guide 2008 - it sounds awesome!!!!

choochoochaboogie Tue 17-Mar-09 09:22:27

It has excellent facilities and produces confident, articulate, well spoken students. There are lots of possibilities and opportuntities open to its students. The results are excellent, but to be honest a lot of independent schools can and do "massage" their result figures. You do not have to be super intelligent to go to Haileybury, lots of thick not so able children attend but it helps if you are good at sport or know someone influential or have a lot of money. I have heard a lot of bullying stories come out of Haileybury, especially in the all boys days, but there are bullies in every school, they are usually just snobbier well-connected and more arrogant confident at indies. There is an unacknowledged drug problem at the school but again there probably is at a lot of indies. Oh and a lot of very very rich people board their children there, but hey maybe you are one of them too - presumably you can afford the fees if you are considering it.

Basically what I'm saying is that a certain sort of person will flourish at Haileybury and you will not know if you and your DC are those type of people unless you go and see the school, talk to the masters and lots of the pupils and get a feel for the school.

I wish you luck in your search.

MollieO Tue 17-Mar-09 09:59:54

Ralf from the Apprentice went there. Not sure what that says about the school!

enthusiast Thu 19-Mar-09 18:40:11

We live in Central London and were not really aware of Haileybury until a friend's boy came to stay who goes there. To cut a long story short we visited and decided to send our DD there. It seems to us to have everything. Academic, but not painfully so, incredable sports facilities and very impressive grounds - all an hour from London

SENSESofTOUCH Fri 20-Mar-09 23:33:23

I have just been working on a project which included Haileybury but over 100 years ago...when it was the college for the East India Company. I thought when I worked on it that I don't think I would want my kids to go to a school with a historical background closely tied with colonial exploitation. But then if the school does'nt go into a sense of having been part of that, then I would not worry. Equally, if you do not mind the East India Company and all they represent then I would not worry about that either!

salmwood Wed 14-Oct-09 12:08:38

I know many students who have been through Haileybury over the years including my own two daughters currently in L6 and U6 and incredibly happy - they have such a good time! They have also done well academically, both with straight A*s at GCSE. However many of their less academic friends have also exceeded expectations and, importantly, are not made to feel like failures if they get a B or a C. The kids there are a mixed bag, many very privileged, but it is not a snobby school, and the kids are less impressed by money / class than by other more teen-appropriate values! There has been a handful drug and bullying incidences over the seven years I've been a H'bury parent but there are in all independent schools and the fantastic new head 'call me Joe' Davies looks set to take a tough line on these. In my experience it accommodates both round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes if you know what I mean! In other words, if you have a sporty, bright kid they will flourish - and love every minute. But students with more unusual personalities and interests can also find their niche and do really well. Hope that helps!

Cortina Wed 14-Oct-09 15:49:44

I know it reasonably well. It's a good school. If I had a daughter of 11 and she was academic rather than sporty I'd be inclined to go for a single sex school like Channing, City of London, Habs or St Albans High School for Girls ahead of here.

Children, IME, that go there are lovely, confident and well rounded.

I've also known quite a few who got weeded out of Haileybury post GCSEs (those who got Cs and Bs, more Cs than Bs).

verySCREEEAAAMlawn Wed 14-Oct-09 17:37:31

I grew up near Haileybury and went to the local comp. The boys always seemed rather sweet if not particularly bright (a little Tim Nice but Dim tbh, but please bear in mind we're talking about nearly 30 years ago). We used to hide them under our coats at the local when the masters came round to check for boys out of bounds (in exchange for drinks, obviously wink).

My boys are now at a nearby prep and I'd be very happy for them to go on to Haileybury.

Litchick Wed 14-Oct-09 17:39:52

I know parents with DCs there who are very happy with it. They say the boarding is fun - home every weekend and the sport is great.

Difficult to be a day boy there I would have thought since nearly everyone boards. They are not flexible about that at all.

salmwood Sat 17-Oct-09 10:42:28

Both my daughters are at Haileybury in Sixth Form (one Upper 6, one Lower 6) so clearly I am somewhat biased - but they are in their sixth / seventh very happy and successful years there so have a pretty good feel for the school. My daughters have exceeded expectations so far with straight A*s at GCSE, and my older with straight As at AS Level. However the thing I like about the school is there are plenty of students there who are not necessarily academic high-flyers but who also are confident and successful in their own ways. Unlike more 'hot house' schools it is not considered to get a B grade. The same goes for extra-currricular stuff - my kids are not particularly good at sport ,for example, but are enthusiastic members of the 3rd team for hockey and get plenty of fixtures.
It was described in Tatler last year as 'a school with a sense of humour' and I think that is very true! The students, more than anything, seem to have a really good time.

Cortina Sat 17-Oct-09 13:44:02

To PP, I know children who have had to leave as they got B/Cs at GCSE and now go to a comp in Hertford. They do a lot of weeding out post GCSE.

VictoriousSponge Sat 17-Oct-09 13:46:21

I used to go to shcool near by.

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