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means tested bursary- have not heard from school yet

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Akiko Thu 05-Mar-09 14:43:59

My Ds applied for 7+ means tested bursary. The school has told me he has done quite well at the exams, but asked me to produce evidence of earnings like my tax rerturn. I've sent it three weeks ago, when all other offers have already been sent. Called last week to be told that they are still reviewing our application. What is going on?
I know my financial situation is puzzling them, As a single mum, my income is very low, but I own a few buy to lets, however, with very small equity in them at the current housing slump. I have sent all my statements, accounts and mortgage info, I do not understand what is witholding making their deceission. Has anyone had a similar experience?

WriggleJiggle Thu 05-Mar-09 14:51:45

They will probably be looking at several other requests for bursaries, some will be external, some internal. Given the current financial situation I would not be suprised if they have been overwhelmed by requests. Can you ask them to let you have an idea of when they will be finalising their decision, as (I'm presuming?) if you don't get the bursary you will need to start looking for another school for your ds.

flossflo Thu 05-Mar-09 18:20:18

We are in exactly the same position except we applied for a bursary for a 13+ school place. Almost 3 weeks too. Anyone else?

Akiko Fri 06-Mar-09 07:52:45

Have they visited your house? They came to ours and led one hour very intrusive interview in front of my Ds.

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