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Nursery Vouchers?

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hayleylou Wed 13-Apr-05 12:03:50

Can anyone tell me about them and how dod you get them or are they sent to you automatically?

iota Wed 13-Apr-05 12:06:34

ask your council - here's a link explaning it from Birminghams council NEG

carolou Sun 17-Apr-05 12:44:49

Your childcare provider gives you a form to fill in which they will then send off.

zassy Fri 22-Apr-05 22:36:07

you shouldnt have to apply for them as long as your chid attends a nursery them takes funding and they there for the head count,then they will recive funding.As i recive funding for my son who is 3years old.Check with your nursery for terms weeks as ive just found out that i have to pay 3 weeks fees as the funding only covers 11 weeks this term and its a 14 week term.

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