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Help DD feet wider than clarks 'H' where can I look for shoes?

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wangle99 Sat 14-Feb-09 20:59:59

Think the title says it all really. DD is nearly out of a size 3 but we had to have a size 3.5H last time to get the width anywhere like it.

Today she was measured and she's still roughly a 3 but width is wider than an 'H', clarks think an 'H' might do it but didn't have any for her to try.

Anywhere else I can look for super wide shoes?


CarrieBo Sat 14-Feb-09 21:19:37

No idea, but i'll be checking back here to see what people have suggested! My dd has tried on shoes in clarks where going up a size didn't help her fit in an H too. Thankfully their soft leather ones seem ok (for example these), but I'd love to know if there's anywhere else we can go.

CarrieBo Sat 14-Feb-09 21:20:58

Just realised that link I put says they only go up to a G, but we had the pink ones in an H!!

frogs Sat 14-Feb-09 21:25:15

Angulus is a Danish make that come up v. wide. Not all UK independent shoe shops stock them, but igloo do. Also often available on ebay (new, not 2nd hand).

frogs Sat 14-Feb-09 21:26:29

like these for example.

They do plain black styles which work as UK school shoes too.

DorisIsAPinkDragon Sat 14-Feb-09 21:26:58

How about custom fit there are quite a few around maybe google. My dsis did it for her 3 as they have such wide feet ( and for herself too!)

She used a devon based company ????green shoes

DorisIsAPinkDragon Sat 14-Feb-09 21:27:58

They will also strech them for you rather than remaking as dc's grow!

wangle99 Sat 14-Feb-09 21:37:48

thank you will check out all suggestions. The company in Devon I think a friend of mine used for boots - I remember her saying they stretch them. Will also check out Angulus. DD is gutted as she wants to wear dainty shoes like her friends and can't.

cmotdibbler Sat 14-Feb-09 21:38:45

DS has superwide feet - poss a J, combined with very high insteps. Clarks and Startrite are useless and will do things like the sizing up to try and get you to buy shoes that don't fit.

What you need is an independant shoe shop who stock european brands - DS normally wears Ricosta, but has also had Baby Oop, Elefanten and Ecco.

Not any help to you, but we go to a fab shop in Rugby called Nikki Lu's, and they pride themselves on really getting a great fit that will last for every child - narrow or wide footed

catok Sat 14-Feb-09 22:32:34

As an adult with size 4 H+ , only old granny shoes would really fit!
I wear Skechers trainers (from Schuh) - they were really helpful with finding a comfortable fit and some of the European makes do allow for the high insteps with wide, wide fittings. The trainers lace up closer to the toes so there is room to relax the width a lot.
I was a teenager when vinyl pixie boots were the fashion - aagh! the pain!
Ricosta lace ups are working well for DD who has sadly inherited my duck's feet!

frogs Sat 14-Feb-09 23:28:18

But Angulus do beeeyootiful cute shoes. Dd2 has these in silver, and they are the funkiest thing ever. I've just bought some purple ones in the sale for her to grow into, which are also deeply adorable.

lljkk Sun 15-Feb-09 15:21:09

I would phone around independent shoes shops, ask what they have in approx 3.5-4J. Ricosta is another one we buy a lot of (plank feet here, too).

teetering Fri 20-Feb-09 19:43:23

How about calling this fantastic shop for advice. Our childminder whose granddaughter has super narrow feet swears by it. They never try to sell you shoes if the current ones still fit etc. They have been brilliant for advice.

Good luck!

magicfarawaytree Mon 23-Feb-09 21:36:00

Have you tried looking at the adult shoes sites for wide fitting shoes? Many of them start at a size 3, you just need to work out whether she is an E, EE (less common but available) or EEE etc. You should be able to get some school suitable shoes. Alot of the shoe are a bit hmmm but it is possible to get some nice shoes too for your dd. wearing shoes that are too big or too narrow cause a whole host of problems later on.

passable for school?

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