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Anyone know of fun websites to learn capitals cities of countries?

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isitspringyet Sat 14-Feb-09 09:48:35

We have an atlas but some of you may know of a website.

scienceteacher Sat 14-Feb-09 13:00:00

Traveler IQ is quite fun. It's a Facebook game, but also available on its own site.

desertgirl Sat 14-Feb-09 13:49:13

this one?

notcitrus Sat 14-Feb-09 23:54:45

twentypence Sun 15-Feb-09 00:25:31

Second for free rice. You have to change subject from word meanings. Also pick the country from the map is a good one.

nannynick Sun 15-Feb-09 12:25:07

World of Where - software rather than a website. MAC and PC versions. Demo includes Europe.

SheppardSoftware - Capital Cities of Europe - also for Asia, Africa, USA.

TheFallenMadonna Sun 15-Feb-09 12:39:18

Not a website, but we have a huge world map on the wall, and my children (and visiting children) are really fascinated by it. DS has picked up the flags and capitals without really noticing, just by sheer exposure I think. We also have one with different animals of the world on it, and they love that too.

Iswaryad Fri 08-May-15 11:46:02

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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