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For Tamum..genetics Haiku

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happymerryberries Tue 05-Apr-05 13:15:13

I set my very able year 10's the homework of writing genetics Haikus (thank you mn for the idea)

This is what one came up with....amazing and quite make my day! (he is 14 btw)

Genotype- on the inside
So describe my soul

Fio2 Tue 05-Apr-05 13:26:17

gosh that is quite remarkable!

happymerryberries Tue 05-Apr-05 14:22:04

One of the multitude of reasons why I posted on the 'I have the most interesting job' thread!

Quite amazing. It is at times like this that I can't believe that they pay me for doing the job!

tamum Wed 06-Apr-05 13:33:57

Blooming heck, that's amazing! (and phew that it wasn't a tough question for me ). It's really elegant, isn't it?

happymerryberries Wed 06-Apr-05 13:35:33

Elegant it the word!

This kid is very sharp. You don't want a lab assistant for his weeks work experience do you?

tamum Wed 06-Apr-05 13:38:41

We do have schoolkids in sometimes. They're quite labour-intensive though! I guess we're not really close enough anyway, but if he's ever here on holiday he's welcome to visit

happymerryberries Wed 06-Apr-05 13:44:53

Only joking, as you are about 6 hours away from us! I'm teachingabout 10 kids as bright as he is this is amazing and terrifying at the same time. (these are yje kids who ask the questions tat I ask you!) On average I get about 3 kids staying back at the end of the lesson asking for more information! And then they appologise for taking up my time! Durr! I dream of days like that! The look on one kids face when I explained protien synthesis was astoneshing...great job teaching!

Jimjams Wed 06-Apr-05 14:03:53

wow hmb- brilliant haiku.

happymerryberries Wed 06-Apr-05 14:13:21

They sometimes just blow me away!

Pruni Wed 06-Apr-05 14:34:23

Message withdrawn

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