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Alleyn's interviews

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JazT Fri 23-Jan-09 20:56:36

Has anyone heard if their DC has got through to interview stage? Not sure when to give up hope!

mimsum Sat 24-Jan-09 12:36:35

I wouldn't give up hope yet, when ds1 sat his entrance exams one school let us know he'd got through to the interview 3 days later - the other school kept us hanging on for nearly 3 weeks - we'd completely given up hope, but then they gave him a scholarship so I don't think you can read anything into the timing of the interview letter/phone call

fingers crossed!

singersgirl Sat 24-Jan-09 14:36:25

We are in SW London, but DS1 is sitting exams this month too. One school took 15 days to get back to us (not that I was counting) to invite him to interview, another only 6 days, also with an interview invitation. The third one we are still waiting to hear from 10 days later. So don't give up hope! Good luck to your son.

JazT Sat 24-Jan-09 15:37:52

Thanks for your encouraging messages. I have been reduced to counting how many days it took other DCs in DD's class to hear about interviews from other schools! I can't believe how stressful the whole process is. Good luck to your DCs

singersgirl Sat 24-Jan-09 15:53:57

Oops, good luck to your daughter, I mean. It is very stressful for all of us here.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Mon 26-Jan-09 09:26:20

It is incredibly frustrating that the schools don't publish on their website what the timelapse is you can expect. Latymer actually say on their website they will send outr interview offer letters today, so at least that takes the guesswork out of it, and reduce the stress to some degree....

singersgirl Mon 26-Jan-09 10:02:57

Oh, does it? That's the one we're still waiting to hear from, though frankly I don't hold out much hope as there were so many children there and it's probably the hardest of the ones we're looking at. Still, DS enjoyed the doughnuts. I had given up with one of the other schools even though their 'What Happens Next' leaflet said 'Don't panic if you don't hear immediately'; I felt 2 weeks was way beyond immediately.

stillenacht Mon 26-Jan-09 10:44:01

why not phone the school sec and ask - give a false name if they ask for your name if you don't want them to know who you are. I am sure they will be able to tell you if letters have gone out smile Good luck!smile (I know the school well as my sis went to JAGS and i taught there a while back)

MrsGrahamBell Mon 26-Jan-09 11:12:59

Singersgirl , sorry did not intend to belittle your anxiety - and did not realise you were waiitng on that one. My friend's son is too, so I know how nailbiting it is. Good luck!

JazT Mon 26-Jan-09 11:53:50

Can't call them Stillenacht-they expressly ask you not to so think it would be very frowned upon and don't think they'd say. They call, not write so no good asking if letters have gone out.
Good luck with Latymer Singersgirl

TheDullWitch Mon 26-Jan-09 12:02:38

Am waiting for Alleyns too! It sucks. Every time the phone goes....

JazT Mon 26-Jan-09 12:59:04

I know the feeling. Phone just was a wrong number. Just wish I had a vague idea of when they make the calls

slummymomma Mon 26-Jan-09 14:35:12

Also waiting - for letter from KCS Wimbledon next week. They 'post' on Wednesday so letter should arrive on Thursday. Our Postman can arrive anytime up to about 2.30pm - and you're not allowed to phone. Oh this endless waiting.

Good luck vibes to everyone who is waiting....

singersgirl Mon 26-Jan-09 16:51:18

Don't worry, I don't feel belittled grin and nor does my anxiety. DS and I are both a lot less anxious since we heard he's got interviews at 2 other schools.

Good luck to everyone waiting - and with the next phase of interviews.

MrsGrahamBell Mon 26-Jan-09 16:54:42

I wonder when they are going to move into the 20th century (not even the 21st) and email instead - would save them a fortune - they could reduce the fees...

TheDullWitch Mon 26-Jan-09 19:28:42

An Alleyns mother, a friend of mine, who d just happened to be chatting to a senior teacher, said he was v busy working right now finalising who would be called for interview. So on and on we wait...

ICUP Mon 26-Jan-09 19:32:43

None of you are in.

Mum1369 Mon 26-Jan-09 19:35:10

What age group is your DD hoping to get into ?

JazT Mon 26-Jan-09 20:30:45

Thanks for that TheDullWitch. Still hope then! Although not according to ICUP. We're 11+ Mum1369

Mum1369 Mon 26-Jan-09 20:49:36

Lord ! Good luck with that. I am at the other end - awaiting decisions on entry to Alleyns at rising 4 ! Minor miracle to get in at that age though...

Carbonel Mon 26-Jan-09 21:06:13

Good luck everyone.

I feel so lucky that my dc's scolarship entry into Yr 3 (not at Alleyns, a school in Bristol) happened really quickly and they told us the timetable all the way through.

Hope it all works out for you

JazT Tue 27-Jan-09 17:50:08

Stop press. Just had a call from Alleyn's inviting DD to interview on Friday, so they're making the calls. Good luck TheDullWitch

singersgirl Tue 27-Jan-09 20:12:31

We had a letter for DS1 inviting him to interview today! Good luck to everyone!

JazT Tue 27-Jan-09 20:21:46

That's great news singersgirl. Hope it goes well

TheDullWitch Wed 28-Jan-09 07:05:49

Yes, ds has interview at Alleyns too! Hurrah! They do build the suspense, that school.

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