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How can I find some cold hard stats. on literacy levels in British kids?

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moondog Fri 16-Jan-09 21:51:16

Been searching all night. Can't pin down what I need for Lit. Review. sad

juuule Fri 16-Jan-09 21:55:21

Is this any use?

moondog Fri 16-Jan-09 21:57:11

Thank you Juule. smile
Been on that but nowt on kids specifically.

juuule Fri 16-Jan-09 22:01:56

This one?

EachPeachPearMum Fri 16-Jan-09 22:03:00

What age group are you looking at?
Government Statistics gateway publishes lots of different information- I am assuming you are looking at standard National Curriculum levels? Or are you trying to compare to the reat of the world?

juuule Fri 16-Jan-09 22:08:34

Found this for international comparisons. A bit out of date though.

moondog Fri 16-Jan-09 22:15:14

thank you ladies.Where would we be without MN?

I'm looking at a ballpark figure for GB and USA really as intro to argument that reading instruction in our schools is shite with partic. reference to kids with special needs.

EachPeachPearMum Fri 16-Jan-09 22:28:53

Hmm- not sure how statistics help- of course our children are assessed to our 'own' standards- likewise US children are too.
I'm not sure what level of literacy is required to graduate from an american high school, and whether or not that compares to GCSE English or not....

BoffinMum Sat 17-Jan-09 21:02:52

Chapter 6 of the PISA report 2006,3343,en_32252351_32236191_39718850_1_1_1_1,00.html

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