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Are LEA`s open during the school holidays?

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firestorm Fri 01-Apr-05 19:38:49

just wondered if anyone knew if LEA`s are open during the summer holidays for admissions purposes? im asking because we are cutting things so fine with selling our house we may well be looking into school places just before they go back in september.
i realise that the schools themselves will be closed to children for the holidays, but is there likely to be a skeleton staff in the office who would be able to answer any queries?
i know this is a while off yet & it may not even happen (house not even on market yet unfortunately) but id like to know whether or not we need to look into schools & possibly even apply for places before they break up or not.

JulieF Fri 01-Apr-05 23:12:35

Yes, LEA admin staff do work in the holidays.

JanH Fri 01-Apr-05 23:15:46

firestorm, the LEA is the local County (or Unitary Authority) Council - of course they are open! Their employees are Civil Servants who have 6 weeks hol a year the same as everybody else.

Probably better not to ring at lunchtime though

firestorm Sun 03-Apr-05 19:56:19

thanks julie & jan thats put my mind at rest.

pixiefish Sun 03-Apr-05 20:28:21

but be careful that school offices may not be staffed all holidays. Also that admin staff in some schools don't deal with admissions- that's the head or deputy

firestorm Mon 04-Apr-05 10:38:41

thanks pixiefish, i suppose it wouldnt be the end of the world if they started a day later than everyone else.
the rate things are going with our house (major building work to be complete before we can sell) its looking highly unlikely that we will be moved before then anyway.

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