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Jelly and Bean?

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ChocolateGirl Tue 29-Mar-05 21:41:14

Is anyone's dc reading Jelly and Bean? I think they're a reading scheme for Reception and Yr 1 & 2.

My ds is doing a different scheme in school, (well, a number of different schemes, actually) and I was thinking or getting him some of these to use at home. Anyone know if they're enjoyable/any good?

pleaserewind Wed 06-Apr-05 11:01:33

my ds has brought home a few of these books from school and i didn't rate them to be honest. I actually wrote in his journal one time that i thought the book he had had was rather an odd one for a 5 year old. It had the cat sitting on a pin and making it bleed ds2 wasn't impressed, in fact was a bit upset!

ChocolateGirl Wed 06-Apr-05 21:59:12

Thanks for that, p. I went ahead and bought a few - but not the bleeding one - so we'll see what ds makes of them.

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