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nuttyredhead Sun 21-Dec-08 09:59:07

I was just wondering if anybody had,had any dealings with the Ed Psyc.DS 7 with dyspraxia,emotional,anxiety issues,tantrums,agression.I know every case is different but just wanted an idea of what they do?.
Wishing you all a happy christmas.

crispyduck Sun 21-Dec-08 10:03:55

my son has adhd he was diagnosed at 8 he is now 13
for what I remember an ED psyc came and observed him in class on two seperate ocassions
looking for inattention and symptoms of adhd

nuttyredhead Sun 21-Dec-08 10:14:49

thanks for that.Do they sit and chat with them.I dont think they will see anything by just observing my son,all our problems seam to be at home!.He errupts after school its like he goes into meltdown.I have been told its sensory overload.
Just trying to make sense off stuff in my head at moment,its buzzin in there!!!

LIZS Sun 21-Dec-08 10:23:04

ds had a one to one assessment , looking at iq and specific issues we, school and ot had highlighted. Her report included recommendations.

crispyduck Sun 21-Dec-08 10:25:29

I am not sure whether the ed pysc chatted to my son, , lots of proffesionals were bought in to observe him, I know some of the others spoke to him on a one to one basis
school nurse
adhd link nurse
ed pysc

explain this too the proffessionals about your son and his teacher

If it wasnt for one teacher believing my son needed a referral, she was fantastic

mrz Sun 21-Dec-08 14:53:15

When our Ed Psych visits she will normally ask the parents to be there so she can talk to them, the class teacher, SENCO and any support staff working with the child before she observes the child. She will then conduct tests possibly over a number of visits to assess areas of difficulty and provide the school and parents with written reports.

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