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I am no longer a school teacher!

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Hulababy Wed 16-Mar-05 17:28:19

Pity school forgot...

Today went well, despite having HMI inspectors in. I did get observed and got a great result. The inspector told me my lesson was very good and wished me luck in my new job. The kids had let it slip I was leaving, when he asked where I was going I told him - prison!!! Not sure he was expecting that reply

School did forget though. Only reason anyone remembered at all was because I took in some chocolates and a card for the staff room. I had seen the head a few times int he morning and he hadn't mentioned anything, and normally when people leave (normally end of term) there is a thing after school with card and present. Nothing was planned obviosuly. Someone must have told him though as he came to me room after lunch to say good bye and wish me well, and to thank me, etc. Ands then other senior teachers came over and I wa s asked to go to the Head's office after work, where senior management had gotten me a card and a lovely boiquet. Last minute, but the thought was there, eventually.

So, that's it. Nearly none years of teaching..and it has ended. Feel a bit wierd right now - releived but strange.

I start at the Prison in my new role the Tuesday after Easter - as an Educational Advisor.

Would like to say thank you to all your support, etc. over the past few months. Things have been really tough at times and a few people of here have given me some great advice. I daren't name everyone as I bound to forget someone and I don't want to do that. So, those that gave me fab avice and help - than you!

Yorkiegirl Wed 16-Mar-05 17:29:31

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Wed 16-Mar-05 17:30:38

Message withdrawn

LIZS Wed 16-Mar-05 17:31:50

Sorry it was a bit of a deflating last day - sounds like a good thing over and done with.

Enjoy your week off and hope you feel more appreciated in your new role.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Wed 16-Mar-05 17:32:34

All the best in your new job!

moondog Wed 16-Mar-05 17:32:56

Hooray for you hulababy, and good luyck in your new career. one of my dad's friends workis in prison education and loves it.
Let us know how you get on-sounds fascinating.

at useless headteacher though....

Hulababy Wed 16-Mar-05 17:36:14

THanks. The new job does sound great - bit nervous though as it isn't teaching, which is all I have experience in!

I will be a Pathwasy Advisor. I will see the inamtes when they arrive at the prison, and then every 6 months. We talk about their current learning and skills, and any future pans for hwhen they leave. We I also use their sentence planning info too. And then I decide, with them, on their path through the prison regards their training, education and work oppotunities, and we come up with 6 monthly targets for them. I then follow that up every 6 months. The first task is to ensure that all inmates have Level 1 numeracy and literacy, then they get more choice in what happens!

I have been teaching in the same prison one day a week since September and I have really enjoyed it.

roisin Wed 16-Mar-05 17:38:44

Sorry to hear about your rather anticlimactic last day. I'm sure they'll miss you loads.
Well done on your 'very good' Ofsted lesson though.

donnie Thu 17-Mar-05 14:56:21

best of luck Hula - you deserve it and those prisoners are lucky to have you....xxxx

Nome Thu 17-Mar-05 15:07:48

Congrats Hula - enjoying feeling free.

Cadbury Thu 17-Mar-05 15:44:02

Congrata Hula. Hope the new job goes really well.

pootlepod Thu 17-Mar-05 15:53:18

Hula, it's a nice feeling, though once a school teacher....

jangly Thu 17-Mar-05 16:36:34

Good luck Hulababy. Sounds like a very worthwhile job.

Bozza Thu 17-Mar-05 16:47:28

Good luck with everything. I suppose it all feels a bit strange at the moment.

Hulababy Thu 17-Mar-05 20:09:37

Thank you.

TBH it doesn't feel strange yet. Don't think it is fully sunk in that my school career has now ended -maybe after the Easter holidays it will. My co-ordinator at the prison reckons I already look less stressed though!

RudyDudy Thu 17-Mar-05 20:11:00

Congratulations Hula - good luck with the new job

pixiefish Thu 17-Mar-05 20:14:21

The thing is though Hula- I know at the moment you may never want to go back but no one can take away your PGCE and you've always got the option of returning.

On a different note- I think that yesterday was a very sad day for the teaching profession- losing an excellent teacher that the profession cannot afford to lose. And as for your colleagues- shame on them is all I can say.

having said that when a friend of mine was leaving before Christmas no one had done anything for her and it was left to the part timer (me) to sort it out and co-ordinate. worse than that- (at the end of the day there was a card, gift, flowers and a tea party) my HOD thanked me for arranging it at such short notice!!!! how to make her feel really wanted

Hulababy Thu 17-Mar-05 20:23:35

That's terrible pixiefish - but well done on you for sorting it. I don't even have a HoD to forget or remember!

My QTS is actually still important for me. To do the advisor's job I had to have QTS, despite not teaching in the job. It is because it is within the education system, rather than the admin team.

pixiefish Thu 17-Mar-05 20:25:37

Who knows how you'll feel in a few years. Especially if Jamie Oliver sorts out he school dinners and the behavioural problems he associates with crap food!

Anyway- all the best at the prison Hulababy

JoolsToo Thu 17-Mar-05 20:26:07

sounds like a really interesting job Hulababy - I'll wait with bated breath for some insider info - if you're allowed that is!

happymerryberries Thu 17-Mar-05 20:27:31

I agree with pixiefish btw. I am glad for you that you have left. But I think that the teaching profession will be the poorer with you gone. all the best for the new job,

Miaou Thu 17-Mar-05 20:32:40

All the best, hula. Here's to the start of a new era for you!

maisystar Thu 17-Mar-05 20:50:27

hurrah hula

(thought of you yesterday but didn't see this thread)

Christie Thu 17-Mar-05 21:09:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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