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How to give notice in writing to school to tell them we're taking dd out

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FrenchGirl Wed 16-Mar-05 16:07:02

Any particular way we need to word it? Want to be nice.
It's a private school and we need to give a term notice. Dd will be home edd'ed for a year (with a day at french school a week), then will hopefully go to a very good independent girl school.
Not sure how to word it and how much info to give them......

Tessiebear Wed 16-Mar-05 16:15:31

We just went through this - basically i made the letter really brief and literally just gave the facts of WHEN they were leaving .... but i made an appointment to see the headmaster, gave him the letter but told him the reasons face to face .... i think this was appreciated at the time (cheeky bugger is trying to fleece us for more than a terms notice but that is another story!!!0

FrenchGirl Wed 16-Mar-05 17:27:48

thanks tessiebear. Did he try to make you feel bad about it or to reconsider? And did you tell him where your child is going next?

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