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Schools in Windsor - pls help!!

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MissChief Tue 15-Mar-05 10:56:46

anyone out there know much about the schools in central Windsor? First schools - Trinity/Queen Anne/Oakfield, as well as private - St Georges & Upton. Just moved here and don't have any word-of-mouth recommendations, also probably don't have state school place yet/or at all for our 4 yr old so might have to go private.

Ameriscot2005 Tue 15-Mar-05 11:00:26

Upton House and St George's are excellent, but you'd probably struggle for a place in reception. Private schools are just as sought after as good state schools.

Don't know about the state schools you mentioned, but one that is close to central Windsor and is often overlooked is the Royal School in Windsor Great Park. I know a lot of people who have had places in this school from outside catchment, so it's not often fully subscribed.

MissChief Tue 15-Mar-05 11:07:50

thanks! Are the local state schools considered to be good, would you say or do people go private if poss?

MissChief Tue 15-Mar-05 11:22:49

bump, anyone?

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