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Entry req's ??

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boudicca Sat 12-Mar-05 14:19:19

Does anyone know what college entry requirements would be needed for a Home Educated teenager ??
What would they need instead of GCSE's ?

titchy Tue 15-Mar-05 13:05:58

Entry requirements for what? If A Levels or Univesity I would have thought that only GCSE's would do - the college needs to know that the students has a certain level of knowledge before they embark on a particular course. And GCSE's are at the moment the only thing we have. I doubt an exception would be made for a HE student.

Could your ds/dd not do GCSEs though - they can be entered as an external candidate at many colleges up and down the country?

marialuisa Tue 15-Mar-05 13:51:43

I work in a HEI and we expect all applicants to have undertaken some sort of formal examination-this may be GCSEs, IB or international qualifications. All students MUST have the equivalent of a C in Maths and English at GCSE level, regardless of the course they want to follow.

boudicca Tue 15-Mar-05 15:02:45

Thanks titchy and marialuisa, it was just something I had been wondering about

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