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OK, so now I have to decide...

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georgiemum Tue 28-Oct-08 17:33:32 I complete my OU Degree in Psychology (doing mainly for fun, and have just had a 2 year break) or do I do another course with the aim to retrain and go back into work. Thought about Accountancy but truly terrible with numbers.

georgiemum Tue 28-Oct-08 17:43:29

Oh go on. I have just found a course in Latin. Sorely tempted...

No, must do something 'grown up and sensible'.

Niecie Tue 28-Oct-08 17:46:08

No contest for me. I have done accountancy and the OU psych degree and it is the psychology every time.

I would rather poke my eyes out with a sharp stick than go back to accountancy full time

<disclaimer - if you ever hear me talking of my job in accountancy, DH is an accountant with his own practice so I will help him if needs be but that is allgrin>

georgiemum Tue 28-Oct-08 17:48:57

But I should really really try to get retrained for something useful I suppose... but there is a nice course in. I almost studied architecture before I did the psychology. Decisions, decisions...

You see, you can be an accountant but what do you do with a degree in astronomy??

Niecie Tue 28-Oct-08 17:55:45

What would you like to do for a living? You don't necessarily have to do a degree in a particular subject in order to do every single job.

In reality you could finish your psych degree and go and do accountancy afterwards. If you wanted to do chartered for example, you need a degree (or at least you used to) but it didn't matter in what.

If you see yourself going to work every day, happy what would you be doing in an ideal world?

Hark at me giving advice! I am in exactly same position and don't have a clue what to do with the rest of my life.

I am thinking of doing a PGCE to teach psychology as I can't see me using it any other way - too old to do clinical training which is a shame.

georgiemum Wed 29-Oct-08 14:57:33

That's the thing. I don't really know what I want to do when I grow up!

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