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Calling all TESOL/ TEFL/ HE people/ illustrators..

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pofaced Wed 15-Oct-08 11:24:35

I'm looking for online resources for simple images to use with a class of adults who are starting to learn English eg line dawings of vegetables/ fruit/ body parts/ rooms in a house that the learners can label. The only thing I can find are children's colouring pages which aren't really suitable. Any suggestions?

Cies Wed 15-Oct-08 11:34:37

Have you been to ? It has some nice resources. They have these flashcards but you have to be a subscriber to download them. It doesn't cost too much (IIRC 30Euro?).

Can't help you with handouts for the learners, because I generally use coursebooks with their own pics.

But, could you find eg an interior design magazine and label that? Or label the room you are in?

You can make your own flashcards from cutting out magazine pictures and sticking to card.

And, I don't know what kind of resources you have to use in class, but if you have laptop and projector you can always use google images for real life pictures and show them in class.

pofaced Wed 15-Oct-08 11:57:02

Thanks: I have been to Onestopenglish! I'm trying not to pay for anything for a little bit as I'm only teaching a few hours a week and only for a few weeks. I have an Inside Out beginners workbook and Elementary Student book but suspect i will have to invest in something more... the problem is this current job is only for a few weeks and I don't want to buy relatively expensive teacher books and then end up teaching above beginner level and the stuff will be redundant

Anyway... which course book do you find best? Headway seems desperately dull but Inside Out not comprehensive enough... ore am I wrong?


scaryteacher Wed 15-Oct-08 13:05:46

Try google images - or clip art - there's normally something there.

Cies Wed 15-Oct-08 13:13:15

I LOVE English File, by OUP.

But, I've never taught adult beginners, so there may be other good books around that I haven't heard of.

Cies Wed 15-Oct-08 13:16:13

It may not be the same where you are, but here I get TONNES of catalogues/fliers/publicity through the letter box. Supermarket ones are great for food, and things like shampoo.

pofaced Wed 15-Oct-08 15:30:20

really annoyingly all my local supermarkets seem to have decided not to print leaflets this week... even Lidl!

I now have my children doing what I need.

Any other suggestions for adult beginners gratefully received

Thanks for your help

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