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Educational Psychologist

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CrazyandConfused Fri 04-Mar-05 19:13:59

Does anyone have any advice for me?
I have been advised by my GP and Health Visitor that because of my Dh and myself having Dyslexia, my sons behaviour and slow but steady decline in schoolwork that he should see an Educational Psychologist.
When I had the meeting with the Headmaster today he just said'I don't teach him myself but I would say there is not a big enough problem to do anything about'
I just replied'I can see I'm not going to get anywhere with this today' and walked out!
Am going to see Health visitor on Monday, I just feel so lost and don't know where or who to turn to, can I apply personally to an Educational Psychologist or should I be looking elsewhere? help!

chipmonkey Fri 04-Mar-05 20:11:18

CrazyandConfused, I live in Ireland, so not sure about situation in UK but here its usually the childs teacher who recommends whether the child needs the EdPsych or not. If there's a decline in schoolwork I would insist on a referral from the school.

toomanypushchairs Fri 04-Mar-05 20:42:33

My ds 7 sees a clinical psychologist, my health visitor refered him. not sure about educational psychologist but would think probably the school. Rather than seeing the Headmaster, can you go and talk to the SENCO (they help with lots of school problems not just severe special needs)

Davros Sat 05-Mar-05 18:20:39

It doesn't have to be the school, could be HV or GP

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