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Independent V's LEA Maintained?????

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JaysMum Fri 04-Mar-05 01:29:34

My son is really unhappy at school mainly because for the two years he has had a teacher who has been pregnant twice.

First pregnancy did not go well and sadly at 5 months she lost the baby Prior to this she was off several days sick so ds had lots of supply teachers.
Second pregnancy did not start well either....lots of morning sickness and as the toilet is in the classroom, the kids in the class would sit at their desks listening to breakfast reappearing down the loo!!!!

Teacher is lovely and ds adores her....but he says she isnt strict enough!!!!!Home work has been very little and generally we have noticed his work is slipping.

Ds enjoys a challemge....he loved school but the last 6 months he has said its so boring in the class and he doesnt feel he is learning anything.

Teacher has now gone on to maternity after supply have been drafted in.

He really is unhappy. So we have to do something.....but what????

Today I have been to look at an Independent school....he would have to board....which he wants to do!!!!

He is due to do his SATS in May and then move on to the one and only comprehensive in our area. A school I do not like....lots of problems head trying to pull the school back on track.

In a tizz and dont really know what to do?????

Obviously funding is the big issue....we would need to apply for a schloarship....he is very sports minded...lots of ball sports and swimming. The Independent school offer Sports Scholarships and I have requested an application.

So what are the benefits?????

LEA maintained or Independent?????

Worried about the boarding side too.....every other weekend he is allowed home....he's fine about that....I'm NOT!!!!!

Any help, suggestions, opinions greatly received.

Ameriscot2005 Fri 04-Mar-05 07:03:23

We've chosen Independent for our kids. Love it and really please with what the kids are achieving. We had DS1's parents' evening last night, and I was amazed at the the standard of his work and the stuff he's been working on (he's in Y8 about to do Common Entrance). Having taught in a local comprehensive, there is no way that their Y8s were anywhere near that standard.

Mine would love to board, but we can't afford it. It would be a dream come true for DS2. The best we can manage is a week here and there, and in those weeks, DS2 is a different child.

rosepetal Fri 04-Mar-05 20:19:57

Personally I wouldn't want my kids to board - I'd miss them too much! However, we've just gone for independent at 11+. It's going to make things difficult financially but I really do feel it will be worth it. We've both got increasingly frustrated with the primary school's 'relaxed' approach. Ds's year 6 teacher has just started doing intensive times tables practice in the last few weeks - feel this should have been done a bit before now! The only way ds has got into the independent school is through a great deal of extra work at home. Hope DD will be able to manage the same jump when she gets to that point....

JaysMum Thu 10-Mar-05 23:56:05

Well we went and viewed the school. Very impressed. Ds loved it. He has to go in April for his assessment day and will stay overnight in the boarding house. On the saturday he has to spend the morning with the sports master.....we have been offered the chance to apply for a sports mans scholarship.
We have our interview with the head master whilst ds is with the sports master.
The head was really relaxed with us when we saw him on wednesday and he said he is sure ds will be an assest to the school. He was very impressed with ds's sports scrap book.....lots of press cuttings and photographs of him in action.
Just hope and pray he gets in OK.....he soooooo wants to go there.

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