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Some teachers are just LEGENDS

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roisin Wed 08-Oct-08 22:13:07

ds2 (9) had a school trip to the local gym today. Two classes plus 4 adults - two class teacher, a TA, and a parent. Unfortunately the parent was ill so they had to find a substitute quick.

ds2 bounced home to tell me all about it, that Mr Jones had come with them and had helped with his class. It was clearly the most exciting thing that has happened this term!

Mr Jones retired just over 2 years ago, but still does a bit of supply and other bits and pieces.
He used to do the football teams, organised the residentials, generally ignored any new-fangled nonsense and did his own thing, which drove SMT crazy at times! But he clearly inspired and enthused children for all manner of things. grin

Neither of my boys ever had him as a class teacher, yet they worship the ground he walks on.

What a fantastic guy!

harpsichordcarrier Wed 08-Oct-08 22:20:15

yay for Mr Jones!

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