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should I let a former school know about secondary school?

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hopefulmover Wed 02-Mar-05 12:38:07

dd has got into a grammar school? We've moved recently (at last, I'll need to change nickname again) and half of me thinks I should let her former head know since most of her eduction was there. The other half thinks it might seem like boasting and anyway the message will get back next week as we're having some old friends for a sleepover. Opinions please, especially from teachers.

amynnixmum Wed 02-Mar-05 12:40:10

If you want to tell her I think she would be really pleased for dd. After all it was her school that taught dd so she can feel proud too.

AuntyQuated Wed 02-Mar-05 12:40:56

yes, you ought to tell them as they will forward her records to her new school and may help her to be correctly placed/setted

Hulababy Wed 02-Mar-05 12:41:51

I would tell them. By the sounds of it you were pleased with this school and I assume the letter will be, in some ways, a compliment to thier work with your DD.

lockets Wed 02-Mar-05 12:45:08

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Wed 02-Mar-05 12:46:00

I think they'd like to know

lockets Wed 02-Mar-05 12:46:05

Message withdrawn

hopefulmover Wed 02-Mar-05 12:49:31

we had a mixed educational experience with the school - not good in the earlier years, better when she got to the last class (taught by the head half time). However we always had friendly relationships with the head even if we weren't always happy with the quality of the teaching. Wasn't planning to write ( I did the thank you letter/presents when she left) - just thinking of phoning them up.

hopefulmover Wed 02-Mar-05 13:13:01

done - rang the school, head away today so left a message with the secretary. Thanks for the advice.

roisin Wed 02-Mar-05 13:46:54

Congratulations to your dd on getting into the grammar school, and congrats to you on surviving the house move.

tigermoth Thu 03-Mar-05 21:02:48

definitely think you did the right thing in phoning the school, hopefulmover - I sure your dd's old head teacher will be so glad to know of her success. I'm sure she'll see it as reflecting well on the school, and the teaching your dd received. I am sure teachers there are fond of your dd and want to know she is happy.

I made a special point of thanking ds's teachers today - the school were holding parents' meetings.The teachers knew ds had got to his first choice grammar and were very pleased for him. I wanted to make sure ds's teachers realised how grateful I was for their efforts.

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