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Fleet Tutors - anyone registered with them as a 'tutor'

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Toffeetart Wed 01-Oct-08 19:46:59

Am thinking of registering with Fleet Tutors as a tutor. Does anyone have any experience of them and know if it is any good or not?

PrincessPeaHead Wed 01-Oct-08 19:54:24

they get a very good review in the good schools guide, and not many do

I think they are reputable

if you are near oxford and tutor 11+ maths, CAT me grin

Toffeetart Wed 01-Oct-08 19:57:49

Thanks Princess - nowhere near you unfortunately! Good to hear that you have heard good things though.

Anyone else?

BrilliantDisguise Wed 01-Oct-08 22:58:52

Ok- name changed for this.
Which area are you in?
I use Fleet professionally, and I am not particularly impressed at all by the majority of their tutors, tbh.
Their admin is hit and miss too.

BrilliantDisguise Wed 01-Oct-08 22:59:58

They are changing the way they do things slightly from this Sept, so maybe things will improve.

To be frank, even if you are crap, you will be engaged by them- they are desperate for tutors, in almost all areas.

PrincessPeaHead Thu 02-Oct-08 00:07:19

oooh interesting!

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