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MrsBigD Tue 01-Mar-05 09:35:36

DD is in a nursery at the moment and she seems to have fun, and is learning to 'follow instructions and e.g. stand in line before going out, which in itself is an achievement with my rather lively dd.

Though what I've heard from other parents who have had a look at other nurseries they all seem to be better in e.g. focussing on learning letters and the like and being a bit more 'school' like, with a proper curriculum in place etc.

Now to my dilemma: dd might be accepted at North Ealing Primary School Nursery in September and I'm torn on whether to move her should this happen.

One of her little friends might be going there as well so that would be a +

Also NEPS is closer to me than her current nursery.

So anybody who's had or has their kids there... is it any good?

THank you

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