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Dyslexia Industry - how can I find the right specialist?

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ks Fri 21-Feb-03 10:45:20

Message withdrawn

Copper Wed 23-Apr-03 14:11:49

I had a look at the Schonell test - I can't believe they would expect any 5yr old to read those words,let alone one with possible dyslexia. What did you decide to do?

I know what you mean about the dyslexia industry. A lot of people are making a lot of money out of dyslexia: it rather puts you off.

We have just been to one of the DDAT centres, having decided that finding a dyslexia tutor and paying £40 a week ad infinitum was not on, for more of the same tuition that he is currently getting from the SENCO at school. The DDAT course costs about £1300-1500 in all (we just missed a £200 fall in the cost of the initial assessment, which pissed me off) and lasts about 6-9 months.

DS was found to have eye tracking problems and balance problems, and is now on twice daily exercises to try to improve these. Funny exercises, like spinning round, staring at the ceiling for 10 seconds, spinning, staring at floor for 10 seconds etc. He has an exercise plan for the next 8 weeks, then we go back and they retest balance and eye-tracking.

We had a great day out at the DDAT centre. DS was particularly impressed by the free hot chocolate in the waiting room and helped himself about 6 times over the day. It was really good to just spend a day with him, concentrating on him.

Any other DDAT families out there?

Copper Wed 23-Apr-03 14:13:00

No holiday this year though - would do a sad face if I could

ks Wed 23-Apr-03 15:00:17

Message withdrawn

Copper Wed 23-Apr-03 17:10:21

he is nearly 11 - we left it way too late. No improvement yet, but we have only been doing the exercises for 10 days!

Copper Wed 23-Apr-03 17:15:51

FOrgot to add, no help with funding (except from grandparents). Big problem as tight belts all round. You don't pay it all upfront, and it is cheaper outside London. About £350 for first 5 hour session, then about £140 every 8 weeks or so, and a final £350 at the last session. However, they do seem to be trying to make it as cheap as they can and have just lowered the prices charged.

Big benefit is that ds actively enjoys the exercises and HATES doing his spelling homework for the SENCO - I know which one I prefer to supervise!

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