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OFTSED for nurseries

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Jimjams Thu 20-Feb-03 20:12:08

Now I may have dreamed this- but a few weeks ago I'm sure I read something about an ofsted address or website where parents can comment on nurseries. Whilst I'd like to send a "brilliant" report in about ds1's current nursery I'd like to send a negative report about a nursery he used to attend in London. Basically he has SEN- and they treated him appallingly- a year and a half later we still have "issues" dating from that nursery- and I'd hate to think of anyone else going through that. I did hear of other parents who had bad experiences because their child was slow to potty train or whatever so I don't think we were an isolated incident. Of course they have a glowing ofsted report- they look wonderful on the surface- but I do have concerns about them. Anyone know the address or was I dreaming? Actually I've just thought there was a warning in the last ofsted report "the nursery does not currently have any children with sen" yeah that's becuase the parents have removed them- lol.

Chiccadum Thu 20-Feb-03 20:23:10

Hiya Jimjames, I too needed to read a report on my daughters horrid nursery, do they do anything about complaints, oh well here's the link ofsted

Jimjams Thu 20-Feb-03 20:26:49

I just had a read- and there is an Early Years helpline- but that sounds like it's more for disputes- I'm sure this newspaper report said that there was place for parents to leave concerns in particular which had been set up 18 months ago (maybe I have detailed dreams??)

Jimjams Thu 20-Feb-03 20:27:11

chiccadum- wasn't the same nursery was it ??

Chiccadum Thu 20-Feb-03 20:30:17

I honestly don't know about that, I spoke to a friend who works for the LEA and she says that OFSTED don't deal with complaints, if the school or nursery is state registered it has to go to the Local Education Authority, you can read the problems with my dd2's nursery on the 'Concerned about nursery, parents not being informed' thread. Whereabouts are you from?

Jimjams Thu 20-Feb-03 20:33:34

The evil nursery was in London, the brilliant nursery is in devon. I did read your concerns when you first posted and thought it sounded dodgy. Worrying isn't it.....

Chiccadum Thu 20-Feb-03 20:35:38

I think so, but dh is seeming to take it at all seriously, all he says is, well accidents happen at every nursery, I just don't like the idea that an accident book wasn't produced when these accidents happened, if my dd1 had so much as a bruise, I would want it to be noted, but then again, is that too overprotective?

Chiccadum Thu 20-Feb-03 20:36:16

Jimjams, I am really sorry to sound ignorant but what is SEN?

Jimjams Thu 20-Feb-03 20:45:00

SEN is special educational needs (he's autistic) no I don't think it is too overprotective! Today I picked ds1 up and was told that he might develop a bruise as he'd headbutted the table at lunchtime!!! No bruise has come up- but they always tell me about that sort of incident. Any actual injury is signed in the accident book. If they can inform me about a possible bruise then yes you should know about ones that are actually there. If children are ending up in casualty (I read your thread) without explanation that is very worrying.

Claireandrich Thu 20-Feb-03 20:49:18

OFSTED's websire is From her you can see the ofsted reports about all schools and nurseries. However, nurseries are only inspected for their 3/4 year olds, although other areas may be looked at briefly.

Been on the site just to check and for complaints, click on parents on the home page. This is what it says to do for complaining about nurseries:

"Complaining about day-care providers or childminders - Sometimes you may wish to contact us with your concerns about a day-care provider or childminder. In these instances you should call 0845 601 4772."

Hope this helps.

Chiccadum Thu 20-Feb-03 20:49:29

There is a little boy at dd1's nursery who is autistic, but from what his mother says it isn't working out, he won't respond to his chosen teacher and I don't think the nursery is too keen on changing his teacher. The last time I spoke to her I think she was considering putting him in a school for special needs.

I must admit when it comes to what I am and am not entitled what to do I really do not know where to go or who to contact.

Also, would dd1 be allowed to go to a different nursery for just 5 months and would it affect her placing in her primary school? I'm very confused

Jimjams Fri 21-Feb-03 11:30:43

thanks- claireandrich. Not sure I can complain really as we left so long ago. Hmmmmmm Wish I'd done it at the time.......

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