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Anyone doing 11+ in next few weeks -- how are you coping -- any tips?

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mulranno Mon 22-Sep-08 15:20:14

My first is doing 11+ next week -- he has been to a tutor for the past year so comfortable that he has had enough support. But I have had dreams that I took it and mucked it up...we have told him he will pass! -- deliberately keeping the pressure off him ...but to be honest I am getting anxious!...any one else feel like this?...any coping startegies for mums and children?

Dotsie Mon 22-Sep-08 15:28:47

my dd has the pre-test (like a mock exam) in a couple of weeks, then the real thing in December. am terrified she'll do badly- she desperately wants to go to grammar school, and i know how disappointed she'll be if she doesn't get in. the competition for places is really tough too. am trying to make light of it with her, but i think she's getting a bit worried about it all. it's a tough time of year isn't it? i shall be very glad when this term is over!

mumblechum Mon 22-Sep-08 15:52:54

We went through this 3 years ago, and I found the 11plus forum really helpful.

try Googling 11plus Forum.

Ang best of luck!

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