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If you teach in private prep, do your children get a free/reduced fee place?

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feelingfedup Sun 21-Sep-08 09:00:14

Just wondering if it is worth changing jobs!

SqueakyPop Sun 21-Sep-08 09:03:15

I teach in an independent school and get fee remission. DD also has a scholarship.

asdmumandteacher Sun 21-Sep-08 09:05:57

I have been thinking about this too - to try an get son into one of the schools (for secondary) have looked around but no jobs as yet (prob is i love where i teach nowsad)Hi again - squeakypopgrin

SqueakyPop Sun 21-Sep-08 11:01:47

It is so blissful to teach in the independent sector - long holidays, small class sizes, everyone generally pleasant and polite...

Music is probably one of the tougher jobs as you would have the responsibility for all the productions.

Rhian82 Sun 21-Sep-08 11:10:18

I used to have an admin job in a (wonderful) private school, and if I'd had kids they'd have been entitled to a third off the fees.

Typical that I'm not having them till years later when I'm in a different career and part of the country - I loved the school and would have loved my kids to go there.

asdmumandteacher Sun 21-Sep-08 11:14:53

squeakypop - we do all that already at the grammar school - wouldn't be a problem...yes less numbers in class would be lovely!!

Judy1234 Sun 21-Sep-08 11:15:42

My son went to his father's school unti he was 12. We paid 15% of the fees. Other local prviate schools you jut get a nominal discount. We knew one couple at that school and father at a local boarding school and they got 3 children from age 3 to 18 educated worth about £100k a year of taxed income at senior level. Quite a nice perk.

SqueakyPop Sun 21-Sep-08 11:17:36

If I worked in my sons' school, I would be on an equivalent salary of well over £100k (with five children were there).

Ah well...

JudgeNutmeg Sun 21-Sep-08 12:10:07

Our school has just stopped the double-whammy of fee-remission and academic scholarship for the children of staff. The maximum discount is 40% and only one scholarship per child is allowed for children of staff and parents alike.

This meant that several children of staff were pulled this year and now go to the local primary. Bit of a backwards step IMO.

Judy1234 Sun 21-Sep-08 14:43:25

I suppose it's market forces. In this bit of London offering staff virtually free fees and free accommodation was one of the best ways of getting the best teachers.

Yingers74 Sun 21-Sep-08 15:41:41

it totally depends on the school, my dh's school gives a discount of 75% from prep up to sixth form. But other schools give no discount at all.

LIZS Sun 21-Sep-08 15:43:35

plus it is good pr to have staff children being seen to be educated there - suggests self confidence in the teaching.

MummyToOneForNow Sun 21-Sep-08 15:47:34

My school (secondary) gives a two-thirds discount for the first child - I think it is less for subsequent children.

struwellpeter Mon 22-Sep-08 18:13:42

We have a huge discount for our dcs as dh works in an independent senior school with prep. We definitely couldn't send them to the school without it.
There are lots of staff children and the governors thought long and hard about continuing with the reduction or lowering it. In the end they decided that they would have much more difficulty attracting staff if things were changed.

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 22-Sep-08 18:16:30

Friend does and gets 20% discount.

asdmumandteacher Mon 22-Sep-08 23:27:12

(stamping foot) I want to work in an independent school - the grammar school i work in won't give my son a place (1 cos its girls only lol! and 2 cos he won't pass 11+)....must find nice indie school job!wink

HorseStories Tue 23-Sep-08 08:17:43

At DH's school we'd pay 1/3 of fees. We don't use the Pre-prep school but will consider using the Senior School when that time comes.

The school he left this year stopped offering such a large fee remission to new teachers. I think this will make it harder to attract good teachers in that particular area because it is inner city and the state school options are likely highly undesirable to teachers.

motheroftwoboys Wed 24-Sep-08 16:43:40

I work (in admin) in an excellent independent Grammar School. We get 50% fee remission but children still have to get through the very competitive entrance exams. About 4 apply for every place. No priority for children of staff. DS1 goes here (in Upper 6) - was here when I started work here. DS2 goes to a different local independent school, good but not quite as good as this one. He passed the entrance exam but was not offered a place. If he did VERY well at GCSE he might get a place in 6th form but we are talking all A*/As and he is not in that league - sadly. He will be going to a local college for A levels as our money pot has run dry! grin

Bucksnewmummy Tue 19-Jun-18 21:45:07

Hello! Just wondering if anyone knew abojt specific schools in Bucks and the discount to staff?

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