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Any informed views on prep schools in Berkshire ?

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amber2 Thu 18-Sep-08 19:09:12

Views from those in the know particularly appreciated. Looking at Lambrook Haileybury or nearby mixed schools for DS.

SqueakyPop Thu 18-Sep-08 19:12:44

Lambrook Haileybury is lovely - excellent facilities and a really caring environment. It is very expensive though.

I know about St George's Windsor Castle, St John's Beaumont and Bishopsgate, if any of those interest you.

amber2 Thu 18-Sep-08 19:19:29

Thanks Squeaky Pop - that's positive feedback..yes it is expensive esp. from year 3 on, and I am one of those hat will need to weigh that up as a long term financial commitment re: other nearby ones that have less lovely facilities but are more moderately priced

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