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Why would my daughter have to do reception (twice) ??

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mummyloveslucy Wed 17-Sep-08 10:32:34

Hi, we have just been to see our local primary school. We were very impressed by the school and all it has to offer, (much different to when I was at school!)
It has brilliant facilities for SEN's and a good inclusion policy.
The school have two intakes- Sept and Jan. I was told that because of my daughters DOB she would more likely be in the Jan intake. The problem with this is my daughter will start transition at her nursery in september and she'll get a school uniform etc, then she'll only be there for 4 months untill she'll have to change schools.
I asked wether she could start the primary school in Sept 2010 making her 5.5, that way she could do the whole of transition/reception at her nursery and then when the other children move to the junior school, she could move to the primary. The teacher said that if we did that, she'd be about a year older than most of her class mates. She said that that would be the case right through the school. shock
I just wondered why they couldn't start her in year 1 with the other children of her age? She will have already done reception at a different school. I don't know why they'd make her do reception twice.
If anyone can shed some light on this I'd be greatfull. smile

TotalChaos Wed 17-Sep-08 10:38:06

how very odd - as normally it's the reverse problem - that LEA won't let you start a kid in reception a year late, but make you go straight into year 1. I would double check with the head. Personally I think it would be better for your DD NOT to start straight into year 1, as it will be harder for her socially if the other kid already know each other, have made friends etc.

gladders Wed 17-Sep-08 10:40:03

think you've already asked something similar?

basically if you want her to do the whole transition year at her nursery, you cannot expect the primary school to hold open a place ready for her to start in year one?

if the primary school offer you a place in the january intake, you have to accept it and start in the Jan into reception - otherwise the place goes to someone else.

if she does the whole year elsewhere and you then apply to the primary school, you would be applying for reception which would not be ideal....

of course they might have a year one place going, but that's a big risk - someone would have to leave?

seeker Wed 17-Sep-08 10:41:47

I think there must be a misunderstanding somewhere. Why can't she just start Reception in January with the other January intake people? Or am I missing something? You don"t usually do Reception at nursery.

QuintessentialShadow Wed 17-Sep-08 10:42:29

But is transition final year of nursery or actual Reception with a reception curriculum?

Why not just regard transition to last only 4 months and let her start in January?

Why does your dd need to stay on in nursery and do transition, cant she join the September intake?

Sorry, I am confused.

hippipotami Wed 17-Sep-08 10:45:27

I am confused as well. The way I understand it, teh Foundation Stage lasts two years - one in Nursery (and if linked to a school this will be in school uniform) and one in Reception.
It is unlikely they will let your dd go to school outside of her yeargroup.

Why can she not do nursery for 4 months (in uniform) and then start reception in Jan. Then in July move into Y1 with her peers.

How old is she now, and is she at nursery already?

dustystar Wed 17-Sep-08 10:45:53

Are you in England? If so your dd would not do recepetion twice but would go into year 1 in 1010.

mummyloveslucy Wed 17-Sep-08 10:46:08

I was a bit concerned about her making friends etc, but when we went to have look at the school she suprised us. When we looked around reception, she went of hand in hand with a little boy and started joining in with the other children. It was like a home from home for her. We couldn't believe it.
I know what you meen about going streight to yr 1 though.
Maybe Jan would be best, I'd have to try to borrow a uniform for those 4 months of transition. wink

QuintessentialShadow Wed 17-Sep-08 10:47:16

cant she do the September intake and just forget about "transition"? What is the point of transition anyway?

MerlinsBeard Wed 17-Sep-08 10:48:46

she has to be in proper school the term after she if 5 so she would have to be in a primary school or home Ed before she is due to start Y1 in any case

tortoiseshell Wed 17-Sep-08 10:52:06

It sounds like it's an issue with the nursery rather than the school. If I've understood it correctly, they are 'filling' in that time from Sep-Jan when they are between pre-school which is this year (2008-9), and reception which would be Jan 2010?

So there must be a similar number of children doing the same thing. I would almost lay money that they have a LOT of second hand uniform available! smile

mummyloveslucy Wed 17-Sep-08 10:53:58

She is at a nursery attached to a private school, Transition is the same as reception but is in the nursery.
We've been told by the primary school that it would be unlikely for her to start in Sept 09 and more likely she'll start in Jan 2010. This would be o.k, I'd prefere her to do all of transition but that would risk her loosing a place at the primary school. I can't take that risk, so I'll have to try to borrow a unifornm for those few months as the uniform is about £200. shock

seeker Wed 17-Sep-08 10:54:17

Oh, I understand!

For what it's worth, I think it would be quite confusing for her to start the school year in one uniform, then start another school in a different one in January.

Do you think her new school would let her start in September with the older ones if you explain the situation? She sounds very confident - and she's used to full time nursery. Worth giving it a try?

seeker Wed 17-Sep-08 10:55:12

Or just keep her at home until January?

TotalChaos Wed 17-Sep-08 10:56:16

does the school have a nursery? as then she could go into their nursery sept to jan if they have a place.

mummyloveslucy Wed 17-Sep-08 10:57:41

If she could start primary school in sept 09 then Transition wouldn't be a problem at all, as she'd leave before then.
We've been told it's more likely Jan though.

seeker Wed 17-Sep-08 11:02:38

Have you explained to the new Head? It's a decision made by the school, not the Local Authority so she will be able to let you dd start in September if she wants to. Or just keep her home.

MerlinsBeard Wed 17-Sep-08 11:04:06

does she HAVE to go to nursery from Sept to Jan?

mummyloveslucy Wed 17-Sep-08 11:06:20

Seeker- I suppose there's a chance she could start in sept. I've considered keeping her home during those 4 months too. The problem with that is, we're having fertility treatment at the moment to try for another baby, so Lucy being at school would be easier. wink
Then after the treatmen, if I don't get pregnant then I'll probubly keep her at her school anyway.
The idea of her doing all of transition was that there's a chance a baby could be born when Lucy's 4.4 right at that tricky time of changing schools, so we thought if she could stay at her school untill she's 5.5 it would be easier for her.

mummyloveslucy Wed 17-Sep-08 11:07:44

Oh and the primary school does not have a nursery.

mummyloveslucy Wed 17-Sep-08 11:12:31

I agree it would be confusing for her with the uniforms etc, but to be honest I don't think it would bother her that much.
She is very easy going and really dosn't care about clothes. (bags and shoes are another matter!) wink
I'd just have to tell her that her new uniform will be the same as her cousen's. That will please her no end. grin

seeker Wed 17-Sep-08 11:38:32

You know what I think? I think you are over-thinking this. (and I mean that in the kindest possible way)

She is a confident happy little girl from what you've said. I wouls explain to the new Head and I will be amazed if she doesn't let her start in September. And she'll be fine. Honestly.

mummyloveslucy Wed 17-Sep-08 11:50:49

I know I am seeker. grin

Honestly, befor Lucy was born I was the most laid back person you could meet. I really didn't give a toss about anything and everything worked out fine.
Since I've had Lucy I do worry about everything that involves her, it's amazing. I suppose It's being totally responsible for a person who I love beyond all measure.

I'm sure becoming a paret does strange things to you. grin Or maybe that's just me.blush

LIZS Thu 18-Sep-08 17:21:27

I'm sure they could make exceptions to ensure a September 2009 start, even if part time. It may even be an advantage with her speech to have that extra time initially over her peers. There is no really no point in letting her stay where she is for those 3 months and by the time you have to mnake a formal decision (Easter-ish) you'll know if dc2 is on the way. ds moved school, country and gained a sister in a very short space of time. Wasn't what we had intended ideally but we all coped

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