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French music - recommendations please to help me learn the lingo

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Polaris Wed 17-Sep-08 09:49:24

Hi there,

I have started learning French and I'd like to listen to French songs while I'm in the house to help me get a feel for the language. Can anyone recommend a French artist? Something fairly lyrical and easy to listen to in a James Blunt sort of way.


cupsoftea Wed 17-Sep-08 09:51:47


Polaris Wed 17-Sep-08 09:54:16

thanks cupsoftea,


cupsoftea Wed 17-Sep-08 09:55:03

mc solar

Polaris Wed 17-Sep-08 09:57:06

hmmm, not keen on hiphop.

who's topping the charts in France at the moment?

cupsoftea Wed 17-Sep-08 09:58:31

It's great Polaris - check out the Paradisiaque album.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-Sep-08 10:03:17

Brel is good. I like Gainsbourg, although he is a bit weird.

FeelingLucky Wed 17-Sep-08 10:03:40

Jacques Brel
You can also buy a book of his lyrics and sing along (as I do grin)

FeelingLucky Wed 17-Sep-08 10:04:38

oooh, what about Carla Bruni for pop lite?

teafortwo Wed 17-Sep-08 10:06:12

Not chart topping at the mo but maybe you will like.... Barbara?

cupsoftea Wed 17-Sep-08 10:06:47

La mer.....

teafortwo Wed 17-Sep-08 10:08:41


Jacque Brel - good call Feelinglucky!!!!

FeelingLucky Wed 17-Sep-08 10:10:06

Boris Vian is great too, though I find him more difficult to follow than Brel, but the stories he weaves together with his lyrics are great fun.

cupsoftea Wed 17-Sep-08 10:12:43

for an excellent rendition of La Mer see Mr Bean's Holiday - plus other super french lingo moments

Polaris Wed 17-Sep-08 10:36:30

great stuff, I will check sone of these out. does anyone have any more?

UnquietDad Wed 17-Sep-08 10:39:52

Veronique Riviere

Patrick Bruel

Jean-Jacques Goldman

FluffyMummy123 Wed 17-Sep-08 10:40:37

Message withdrawn

Heathcliffscathy Wed 17-Sep-08 10:40:59

georges moustaki

gilbert becaup

francoise hardy.

all reminiscent of my childhood with dad listening to the vinyl of them. (as well as ACDC bless him)

Heathcliffscathy Wed 17-Sep-08 10:41:27

georges moustaki's album 'le meteque' particularly recommended. some lovely songs on that.

FluffyMummy123 Wed 17-Sep-08 10:42:19

Message withdrawn

FrogPrincess Wed 17-Sep-08 10:42:58

Brel, Gainsbourg, Brassens, Yves Montand, Nougaro, Francoise Hardy all great!
For something more recent, Vincent Delerm, Thomas Dutronc, Sanseverino, Thomas Fersen, Etienne Daho, Benabar

Heathcliffscathy Wed 17-Sep-08 10:44:09

absolutely hysterical pop 'vid' of him from the 60s looking stoned out of his mind, lovely song though

Heathcliffscathy Wed 17-Sep-08 10:45:54

and the lyrics to this never fail to make me sob

shangrila Wed 17-Sep-08 10:51:49

Big thumbs up for JJ Goldman. Old style pop, telling a story in 'proper' French.

Swans off to hunt out dusty CDs...

NL3 Wed 17-Sep-08 11:07:18

Marie Denise Pelletier

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