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DS has moved schools after reception and we're thinking again for YR 3

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Twelvelegs Thu 11-Sep-08 19:52:45

DS goes to a lovely little independent school, 15 to a class which decreases to 7 at 7. This is mainly due to lots of children leaving to go bigger schools as the current school is very small. They have lots of trips out but the grounds and numbers are small and in addition the other schools prepare the children better for secondary.
My DS is bright but both lazy and uninterested in school, this is being tackled both at home and school with much positivity. He seems very unconfident with his own ability, nopt helped by me at times who finds it very frustrating.
Anyway does anyone send their children to Colstons in Bristol and have any views they'd like to share?? Or any advice about late bloomers, do you wait or push?

barking Thu 11-Sep-08 20:12:04

Due to recent house move we've just moved both ds's (5 and 8) from a dear little village school to a larger one (from 100 to nearly 300 pupils).

I have to say it was me that burst into tears on the first day, but my boys haven't looked back. In their previous school, lovely as it was, they were both 'falling asleep' academically as there just wasn't enough going on for them. The bar has been raised and the expectations seem higher. The new school is more competitive with houses, team points etc. but it has helped give them that extra stimulation/push that they needed.

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