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how long do school photos take ??

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MaggieW Sun 02-Dec-12 13:11:35

We got proofs on the day (a new innovation) and photo's delivered withing 10 days.

Snapper99 Thu 29-Nov-12 23:02:27

Day 1 ..... pics taken
Day 5 ......proofs delivered (some do proof on the day)
Day 19...... orders collected (some do online ordering, but it costs more)
Day 26....... orders delivered

Prices are very reasonable allthough most on here think not
Most of what you pay goes on school commision, VAT, overheads. Leaving a small profit for the tog.

tiggerlovestobounce Wed 10-Sep-08 19:37:38

It cost me about £7 for a class photo.
Cant remember how long it took, but I remember being surprised how quick it was. I think it being digital makes it all a lot faster.

mummyloveslucy Wed 10-Sep-08 19:35:50

Thanks. smile

lljkk Wed 10-Sep-08 19:22:24

Bout 2 weeks to come back, cost too much -- expect to spend 13 quid min.
At least w/ dig cameras all the pix are decent or even good.

mummyloveslucy Wed 10-Sep-08 18:59:26

Hi, my daughter has had her first school photo taken today. There has been a whole school one and the indevidual classes. They don't do singles at the school for some reason.
Anyway, I just wondered how long they'll take to come through and how much do they cost ?
It's really exciting. (can you tell, I don't have a life?) grin

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