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when do you start looking at schools?

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mankymummy Mon 08-Sep-08 14:10:40

My DS was 3 in August. Obviously he wont be starting this year but I just wondered when I need to start thinking about looking at schools etc.

What is the usual timetable/procedure?

And am i correct in thinking he will start full time school in September 09?


Mercy Mon 08-Sep-08 14:19:09

Yes, your ds can start next September but he doesn't have to (also the school you decide on may not admit him until January 2010)

You need to apply a year before they start, so you could start looking around now or in a few months time.

Mercy Mon 08-Sep-08 14:22:42

Sorry, I should have said you can get an admission form from your LEA the year before your ds is due to start.

Have a look at your LEA's website for details (the timetable varies), where I live the forms have to be in by October but we aren't informed as to whether your dc has a place until Feb/March the following year.

mankymummy Mon 08-Sep-08 14:31:21

thanks mercy... i'll see what i can find on the web.

Hulababy Tue 09-Sep-08 14:18:39

Yes, he will start Sep 09 (or Jan 10 if in a two intake area). Regardless though, you apply at same time for either system. You should get an application pack very soon. Depending on which LEA you are in depends on when the pack needs to completed by - can be as early as this October.

You should start thinking about schools now, and visit some too if you are not sure.

ComeOVeneer Tue 09-Sep-08 14:22:01

Ds will be starting in Sept 09. Our applications have to be in by the 23rd Oct. I have filled in the applications online today (I have already seen the schools because of dd's application 2 years ago, however all the schools are having open days in the next 2-3 weeks.

So I would say you need to get a bit of a move on!

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