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given the school a year & still feeling frustrated!

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mam Wed 12-Feb-03 16:24:47

Just need to sound off but not really got time to tell it all - so in a sentence... don't think my ds is being given the opportunities to reach his true ability never mind progress! However I know/feel education isn't just about learning; being happy and having friends goes a long way after all children spend so many hours in school if they are being given the chance to expand but are not happy that can't be good either. Am I making sense to anyone out there? Does anyone else feel the same?

tallulah Thu 13-Feb-03 17:14:20

I found out during the 3rd term of my ds Y2 that he had spent 2 terms sitting outside the Head's room, for being disruptive! They hadn't bothered to tell us! He had a lot of friends there but we whipped him out of there once we found out. The other schools we looked round told us he was probably bored.
He's just coming to the end of Y6, having had 4 very happy years at a much better school, & has passed the 11+. Don't think that would have happened if we'd left him where he was.
Our (elder) dd went to the school from reception to Y6 & often told tales of the Head getting at her. Because she had lots of friends I didn't like to move her, having been a very lonely child myself with few friends. With hindsight I should have done, which is why I moved the younger one.
Trust your instincts- if he isn't getting on, move him.

mam Fri 14-Feb-03 19:07:23

Thanks Tallulah for your response. It is a very difficult decision as I am not happy but he is, plus my dh thinks it's a good enough school. our ds said that his latest teacher makes the day last longer - is this as bad as it sounds?! have to end.

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