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Cundall Manor school

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northbound Mon 01-Sep-08 10:30:49

Please does anyone know about this school? We are thinking of it for our ds. We want somewhere that will help with social skills and becoming a "good person" He is doing well academically but is not a sportsman and we are not sure if the daily sport there will help him to improve or just emphasise the sense of failure he currently feels when he is the last to be chosen for teams. Advice please!

mumstaxi1 Tue 16-Sep-08 11:57:26

My daughter was at CMS for 5 years and it is a lovely school, very Enid Blyton! Sport is very important to the school and they are very competitive, especially the boys and they certainly don't pick you " just to give you a go" Having said that though it is a good school just very sporty. maybe somewhere like Bootham would suit? Hope this helps.

northbound Mon 22-Sep-08 08:48:02

Thank you so much for the feedback. My ds is currently in that rut of not being very good because he doesn't get to do sport very often, and not practising to get better because he thinks he is no good. Thought maybe somewhere where lots of sport is played might help to break the cycle. He is quite academic but needs "rounding" and we hope the CM might be the place for that. Bootham too far for us at present, otherwise would definitely consider as I have seen lots of good feedback on MN - maybe an option when he is a bit older. Thanks again, much appreciated.

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