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Fantastic in school visit - Tempus Fugit

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Yorkiegirl Sat 19-Feb-05 08:36:51

Message withdrawn

roisin Sat 19-Feb-05 08:56:32

Our school have lots of 'visiting drama plays' (as ds1 calls them) - at least one every half term - and the children get a tremendous amount from them. They are one of the main 'extras' which is funded by the PTA and the annual sponsored fun run. We also have a visiting poet, David Horner, for a week every two years, who does a workshop with every class in the school, plus assemblies, and a 'presentation' for parents. his website is here His website is very funny, and also has some interactive poetry-writing bits, which my dss love.

I've always wondered what these things cost, so appreciated your link YG!

One school visit my ds1 longs for is Caroline Lawrence, but it doesn't seem likely!

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