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Finding out SN information from previous schools?

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laweaselmys Sat 23-Aug-08 20:26:04

Long story short, but while I was at school I was tested for Dyslexia three times, twice at primary school and again at secondary school. After the first two lots of testing I was given special exercises to do. The last test (when I was 11/12) was the most thorough as the teacher who did it on me was training to become a special needs something-or-other and was using me as a case study.

The thing is, after all these tests... nobody actually told me if I'm dyslexic or not. All the results were directed at my parents, and after the last lot my mother was given a lot of information but at the time she refused to tell me what it was about and now claims she doesn't remember anything or that she's lost it.

TBH, my mother is a bit loopy and it's a lost cause trying to get anything more out of her. It is entirely possible that if I was dyslexic she could have decided not to tell me, having decided I was coping well enough on my own, and that if I was told I was dyslexic I would stop trying as hard. hmm. Like I said, she's a bit loopy.

Even though I have finished my degree now and have done well, I have been thinking about doing another (to become a primary teacher) and it is really starting to bother me that I don't know what the outcome of those tests were... does anyone know if there's a way I can find out? I though about going back to the school, but the specific teacher that did the last test doesn't work there anymore.

Could I get a test done again? How much would it be? Any ideas anyone?

misi Sat 23-Aug-08 22:10:08

the LEA should have data on this and you could go through the freedom of info act or ICO to gain the info.
firstly I would write to the head teacher and ask if the info is available at the school and if not, where it might be held as even though the teacher was using you as a test case, it can only have been sanctioned in school time by the school or LEA. if no luck there, ask the head where this teacher studied, as she must have been studying or testing on behalf of someone, and then try writing to them. if that fails, ask if the school can forward a letter from you onto this teacher if they know where she is or if they don't know, try the teaching unions to see if she is still a member and then forward through the union if they will.
you can be tested yourself but it will be privately now and it does cost quite a bit. did the uni for your first degree not test you?

laweaselmys Sun 24-Aug-08 11:00:39

Awesome, thanks very much!

No, they didn't test me, but I didn't ask to be. It's more something I thought about with hindsight!

frisbyrat Sun 24-Aug-08 13:19:57

Can you be tested now you're an adult? Then you'd know for sure! smile

misi Sun 24-Aug-08 14:07:34

found this is its any help

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