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Any Yr9 Parents - choosing GCSE options now?

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milliways Wed 09-Feb-05 21:36:19

My DD wants to choose History, French, Geography & German as her 4 options, but thinks they might make her do 1 arty subject. Anyone else doing the choices?
(Seems not much choice compared to our day - so many compulsory subjects now.)

winnie Wed 09-Feb-05 21:49:15

Milliways, dd made her choices last year and I thought exactly the same. There are not many choices. What do you mean by an 'arty' subject and why does dd think she may be made to do one?

JanH Wed 09-Feb-05 21:55:27

no, you don't have to an arty thing - or any languages - is there still compulsory tech?

milliways Wed 09-Feb-05 21:56:43

Hello Winnie. Usually they have to choose 1 subject from a set (humanities, art etc) but this year they are just "suggesting" a mix and choices will be subject to timetable constraints. Apparently History is v.popular & Geography not, so not everyone can do History etc. My DD is v.academic (visions of Law School) & thinks "arty" subjects will be of no use.

Hulababy Wed 09-Feb-05 21:57:20

So long as she has chosen from each of the boxes (if done that way) and not all from one - then she should be fine - providing they can timetable it all, and there are places on each subject chosen.

milliways Wed 09-Feb-05 21:58:59

Yes -tech IS compulsory, along with RE, English Lang & Lit, 3 sciences, Maths etc. However, her school is offering a DIgital Applications Diploma worth 4GCSE's, but no-one seems to have heard of it.

winnie Wed 09-Feb-05 22:04:39

oh I remember, the choice is a choice but one must choose from a fixed set of choices so not a real choice at all! Personally, I was infuriated because dd wanted to study Spanish (which she is goos at) but has had to take science x2 (which she loathes and struggles with). I know timetables are a constraint but I really think it is ridiculous that there is no flexibility. This is a momentous point for both parents and children. I am finding I am terribly excited by what lies ahead for dd whilst being terrified at the same time.

milliways Wed 09-Feb-05 22:07:48

Yes, My DD will be taking 3 separate sciences which involves 1 extra period after school each week! The alternative is a double combined science award - shame she cannot choose 2 (& drop chemistry!).

Potty1 Thu 10-Feb-05 14:19:33

Milliways - there are doing the digital applications diploma at ds's school and also a certificate which is worth 2 GCSE's which ds has chosen. He's also doing Geography, Media & PE (compulsory because its a Specialist Sports College).

milliways Thu 10-Feb-05 16:00:39

Potty - is this the first year for the Digital Applications at your school too?

happymerryberries Thu 10-Feb-05 16:32:03

If I can put in a plea about choosing science options? I am a secondary science teacher, and I teach everything from year 7 to the sixth form. I specialise in Biology, and teach this at A level.

If you have a child who is not very good at sciences think very hard before you let them take 'separate' science GCSE, (ie Biology GCSE, Chemistry GCSE and Physics GCSE) rather than 'double science'. The material that is taught in the later secotions of separate science GCSE is much harder than Double science modules, it almost bridges GCSE to A level. Also if a child 'drops' chemistry and then wants to do Biology A level they will find it very hard as the first thing they study is Biochemistry. Separate sciences are great for the kids who are very interested in sciences but can be very hard if kids are not good at science

happymerryberries Thu 10-Feb-05 16:33:07

Winnie, all kids have to do science in some form, and the governmant dictates this, not the schools

Potty1 Thu 10-Feb-05 16:34:21

Yes milliways it is. Ds is doing the certificate but has been told that as its modular, if he works well he could complete the extra modules for the Diploma.

JanH Thu 10-Feb-05 16:34:37

hmb, isn't there is a single combined-science option with one board?

happymerryberries Thu 10-Feb-05 16:42:47

Yes there is with Edexcel, but not all schools offer it. We don't, and neither does the other local comp. That would be a better option, IMHO, than a child taking, say Biology GCSE, if they are not scientificaly 'bent' IYSWIM

Potty1 Thu 10-Feb-05 16:43:25

Milliways - there's ome info on Dida here

Hmb - you're so right (well as you teach it you would be ) - ds1 did double science and is now doing A level biology, he's found the transition pretty tough even though biology was his 'better' subject. His school don't offer single sciences.

happymerryberries Thu 10-Feb-05 16:47:12

They all find the 'jump' hard, regardless of what GCSEs they take. I think it is the biggest gap between two examps that you ever have, much more of a jump than between A levels and degree tbh. I tell them this at the start of the course, but will they listen?

lilibet Thu 10-Feb-05 16:48:02

HMB, sorry to hijack but dd is taking her science GCSE soon and needs a C to get on a course at college. It's never been a strong subject for her and she got a D in her mocks. Can you recommend a good revsion book?

happymerryberries Thu 10-Feb-05 16:49:06

The CEG books are good. Bitesize revision (BBC)is also good on line. Is she doing foundation of higher level GCSEs?

happymerryberries Thu 10-Feb-05 16:49:29

Sorry, should be 'or'

lilibet Thu 10-Feb-05 16:50:19

Just asked her and she says Modular - it was never this confusing in my day!

JanH Thu 10-Feb-05 16:52:06

hmb, would last year's revision books still be good this year? If so, lilibet, you can have mine!
(Well, DS1's )

milliways Thu 10-Feb-05 16:52:17

Hi HMB, My DD can opt out of 3 separate sciences, but likes the idea of an extra exam. She wouldn't say science is her fav.subject, but she is top set (top girl) getting secure level 7 test marks & is finding it much more interesting this year (disections etc). She prefers essay writing type subjects and languages.

JanH Thu 10-Feb-05 16:54:19

Oh, bum, ours are for the separate sciences, would there be a different book for the combined one?

They are v good anyway, lil! here (well I assume these are what hmb means)

JanH Thu 10-Feb-05 16:55:50

Oops - CGP homepage

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