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Non-verbal reasoning tests

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3littlefrogs Tue 29-Jul-08 19:42:21

I suffer from migraine, so does dd. We are practising these NVR tests for 11 plus, but the black and white patterns make us both feel dizzy and sick. What can we do? We have to get to grips with this. Does anyone have any ideas?

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 29-Jul-08 19:45:13

Message withdrawn

3littlefrogs Tue 29-Jul-08 19:50:23

I don't think it is to do with stress - it seems to be a visual thing. Zig zag patterns have aleays been a migraine trigger for me, along with flashing lights. I find that the shapes blur and move. I haven't mentioned this to dd - she described this to me, but it sounds depressingly familiar. I have a feeling that some sort of colour filter might help - but that is just a gut feeling, not based on any specific knowledge. I feel as if i want to put some coloured plastic over the top, to stop the stripes moving IYSWIM.

LIZS Tue 29-Jul-08 19:54:14

I was going to suggest a filter. Can you buy some coloured acetate and try it ?

3littlefrogs Tue 29-Jul-08 20:08:32

what colour would you suggest LIZS? My instinct says red - but this is entirely intuitive. Who could advise? And would this be allowed in the exam???

3littlefrogs Tue 29-Jul-08 20:09:21

Would an optician be an appropriate person to ask?

LIZS Tue 29-Jul-08 20:14:30

I don't know which. When ds saw an opthamologist she volunteered that she has worked with dyslexics and coloured overlays.

3littlefrogs Tue 29-Jul-08 20:16:04

Thanks - I will ask my local optician and see if he has any advice. He may well think I am bonkers.

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 29-Jul-08 20:26:19

Message withdrawn

RustyBear Tue 29-Jul-08 20:29:05

A girl at the school I work at has yellow lenses in her glasses - she says it 'stops the words jumping on the page'

mrz Wed 30-Jul-08 18:17:43

3littlefrogs Wed 30-Jul-08 23:20:40

Thank you. That websitelooks interesting - will check it out. Thanks everyone.

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