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fark!!! the tutor i wanted for dd1 is booked up til jan 2o10<<<faints>>>>could we do it ourselves????

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MaloryTowersUrbaniteLady Wed 23-Jul-08 16:38:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

christywhisty Wed 23-Jul-08 16:52:32

I got a tutor in for NVR but it was only for 4 weeks, just really for him to get the hang of it. This wasn't for 11+ just an apptitude for technology. He got into the school he wanted, but looking back I am not sure he really needed it . There are plenty of books and papers on NVR in most book shops.

southeastastra Wed 23-Jul-08 16:55:02

hmm maybe this is the reason why the tutor couldn't help my ds(6) with his maths anymore

Romy7 Wed 23-Jul-08 16:57:38

don't know where you are but where we are we have a company called 'explore learning' - they run success at 11+ courses... think it includes NVR too...

3littlefrogs Wed 23-Jul-08 16:57:41

I really don't understand why people think a tutor is essential. You can buy the practice papers in Smiths together with all the parents explanatory n otes and the answers, and you just sit down and do them regularly.

If a child has to be intensively tutored, the chances are they won't be able to cope without tutoring all the way through secondary school.

I did the practice papers with my dss (I am a nurse, not a teacher) and they improved their scores dramatically over about 6 weeks, and passed the 11 plus.

It is getting familiar with the papers, and practice that counts - that is all the tutor does, surely?

3littlefrogs Wed 23-Jul-08 17:00:17

You can buy a pack of NFER sample papers for about £20, they are doing a 3 for 2 offer ATM.

If possible, find out which type of paper the school uses - there are several different combinations.

TheFallenMadonna Wed 23-Jul-08 17:01:25

My friend (also primary teacher) prepared her dd for entrance exams for very academic independent school herself. They just went over past papers and specimen papers for the NVR.

cornsilk Wed 23-Jul-08 17:04:30

There's a website called chuckra that's good.
You don't need a tutor if you're a teacher lazyarse!

MaloryTowersUrbaniteLady Wed 23-Jul-08 17:05:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lilymaid Wed 23-Jul-08 17:08:18

I would think that you would be easily able to cover the NVR paper. She just needs to do one paper per week and discuss it with your DH.

cornsilk Wed 23-Jul-08 17:09:52

Only joking malory - my ds won't do much for me without a fight but will do it for a tutor - I get why you want one.

pointydog Wed 23-Jul-08 17:13:50

is she 11? Can't she just go over some past papers herself? Am I being naive?

MaloryTowersUrbaniteLady Wed 23-Jul-08 17:36:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BigPantsRule Fri 25-Jul-08 18:43:40

Check out - loads of info on DIY 11+ preparation!

Biryani1 Fri 26-Sep-08 20:37:51

This site has a few Free Papers but they're mainly Maths and English papers. I wish they had some Verbal Reasoning.

Chuckra is good, although I had my daughter repeatedly tell me that some of the questions were wrong.

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