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Had ds's predicted SATS results what do they mean???

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Blossomhill Mon 07-Feb-05 19:39:50

Ds (7) is now predicted level 2C possibly level 3's for his SATS (numeracy and literacy) in the summer. The teacher said it was above average but I still find it all confusing! Please shed some light for me please

Gobbledigook Mon 07-Feb-05 19:43:17

I thought SATs for 7 yr olds were scrapped now?

Sorry not to be any help! Does that mean he has reached key stage 2 or possibly 3 (all at his age should pass stage 2?)? Not sure!

nutcracker Mon 07-Feb-05 19:45:30

BH it confuses me too. I have been told that Dd1, also 7 got a 2A in the practice maths SAT test and probably will get a level 3.

Haven't a clue what it means though.

nutcracker Mon 07-Feb-05 19:47:51

BH it confuses me too. I have been told that Dd1, also 7 got a 2A in the practice maths SAT test and probably will get a level 3.

Haven't a clue what it means though.

jampots Mon 07-Feb-05 19:52:32

Key Stage 1 SATS which are taken in year 2 are graded from levels 1-3. The grade a child of this age is expected to achieve is level 2b. Some children do better and some dont achieve this. If a child has a particularly high level 2a it is possible to take an extension paper which gives the potential to achieve level 3.

ButtonMoon Mon 07-Feb-05 19:53:56

Basically by the end of Key Stage 1 (infants age 7) pupils on average are expected to reach Level 2. By the end of Key Stage 2 (juniors age 11) pupils expected Level 4. bviously these are average child and will fluctuate either side....these are expectetations for pupils of that age. HTH

wheresmyfroggy Mon 07-Feb-05 19:53:59

At ks1 level 2 is the aimed for level 2c being lower level 2, 2b being middle and 2a being upper level 2 . level 3 is next level up so is above average for a year two child HTH.

jampots Mon 07-Feb-05 19:57:34

In addition, key stage 2 (taken at year 6) are graded 3-5. There is no option at this level to taken an extension paper (is there Popsycal ) so the grades would be 3c, 3b, 3a, 4c, 4b, 4a, 5c, 5b, 5a. At this stage a child is expected to achieve level 4b.

IIRC schools publish their KS2 sats results with a percentage of children achieving 2or more levels higher than in KS1.

Eg. Ben achieved level 3 in his KS1 sats, then achieved level 4a in this KS2 sats - he would therefore be taken as not having crossed 2 levels.

Andrew achieved level 2b in KS1, and 4a in KS2 sats - he would be one of the percentage included in children crossing 2 levels.

Of course both with excellent results all the same.

bee3 Mon 07-Feb-05 20:02:27

Blossom, it's all a bit of a nightmare really....

The majority of Year 2 children 'should' be working within level 2.

Because the range of achievement within one level can be quite marked (on average 1 and a half years of progress), the level has been broken down into 2c (lower end, may not be predicted to achieve the desired L4 in Y6) 2b (average for Y2) and 2a (upper end, working near to L3). Some children do achieve L3 in the KS1 SATs, but count this as a 3c (just a L3), as the scoring/assessment doesn't break the L3 down until Y3 tests (confused yet? , you will be...)

I think that this year the levelling isn't done wholely on the test scores, with teacher assessment levels as a sideline. I think the teacher's ongoing assessment can take precidence over the test scores if the teacher feels they are unrepresentative of how a child is achieving (which I think is a much better idea). Therefore by now the Y2 teacher should be starting to get a good idea of the level your ds is working within, and where they are likely to be in May (traditional testing/assessment month).

I'd be surprised at a prediction of "L2c, or maybe L3", as there is a huge difference. I'd go back and talk to the teacher again if you can, especially if you feel confused. They should be able to explain this better face to face (it's all rather complicated, don't you think!)

Incidentally, I wouldn't hold too much store in the exact levels anyway. Junior teachers always complain that the levelling in the Infants comes out too high (Y3 teachers always have an awful time with apparent drops in levels as if children's learning has gone backwards), when infact the criteria changes, making a mockery of the whole levelling process (eg. a L3 in Y2 doesn't equate to a L3 in Y4 etc etc).

Sorry if I've rambled and confused you all the more. Perhaps others will explain it more succinctly

bee3 Mon 07-Feb-05 20:04:25

oops! they already have...

bee3 wanders off muttering <<<must type faster, must try to be more succinct>>>

Lonelymum Mon 07-Feb-05 20:08:46

Don't know how your ds could be predicted 2c possibly 3. It goes Level 1, Level 2c, 2b, 2a, then level 3.

Anything level2 is average.

Blossomhill Mon 07-Feb-05 20:19:32

oops meant 2a's. See told you I was confused!!!!

Lonelymum Mon 07-Feb-05 20:36:03

Well 2a is top end of average and 3 is above average, FWIW.

Blossomhill Mon 07-Feb-05 20:47:42


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