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have just got out local authority accpetance letter for ds2

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lowcalCOD Mon 07-Feb-05 13:15:08

he is into same schol as ds1!

zubb Mon 07-Feb-05 13:16:43

great! Is the school oversubscribed?

lowcalCOD Mon 07-Feb-05 13:47:18

yes its the new one on BD F

marialuisa Mon 07-Feb-05 13:51:30

Was there any doubt then Cod? Thought I remembered you posting that you had a great school 2 mins walk away?

zubb Mon 07-Feb-05 13:54:06

Having a sibling there already would have helped then, and being so near to it. Sounds like a good school up there.
It's the next stage round here that worries me!

lowcalCOD Mon 07-Feb-05 13:55:04

oooh yes ! and me

lowcalCOD Mon 07-Feb-05 13:55:51

ye sno doubt but you do hear of really odd things dont you?
I knwo that they ar oversubscribed and out fo the 4 too many, 2 of them do liev ont he local estate so may well be rejected

zubb Mon 07-Feb-05 13:55:53

suppose we've got a few years before we panic though!

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