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H & S silliness. Entire school holiday club 'parent handbook'- but no practical info at all!

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teslagirl Tue 15-Jul-08 12:49:04

I DO feel sorry for the folk who have to compile all this nonsense, the 14 page brochure I have to sign for as 'read' which contains page after page of what the second and third stages of their discipline and exclusions policy are, a copy of their hygiene inspection (in order to pour out a couple of glasses of orange squash), their SEN and G&T policies- all well and worthy, I'm sure but for 2 days over the entire holidays so my DSs can slap some paint around and watch a couple of DVDs whilst I work?

.......BUT there is no mention at all in the entire parent pack about what I have to supply! Spare this and that? Art coveralls? Indoor/outdoor shoes? Wellies? What snacks do I send, which are supplied? What is the basic structure of the day? What's their emergency contact number?

A classic example of "Missing The Point" but "Covering Rear-ends in the Event of a Problem", I suspect.

Whizzz Thu 17-Jul-08 10:28:48

To be fair that isn't health & safety as such but good practice to inform all of their policies & procedures. I'd be pretty impressed at that level of info to be honest.

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