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Discrimination, we're too good for local school?!?!

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Levanna Thu 03-Feb-05 23:46:13

I've not really come across this before. DD1 is due to start at our local community nursery/primary in September. This morning I had a preliminary meeting with the outreach worker for the school. She basically said that the local school is new, fantastic staff, very pro play and learn, social skill building, etc. Then pointedly asked whether I had considered enrolling DD1 at the local RC school, or another local primary (renowned for bullying, lack of supervision, etc) as children come from far and wide to avail of the facilities at our local school (the one which DD1 is enrolled with). People who are more deserving of gaining a 'better' education? She went on to encompass DD1's crayons/paper/art material and said "Not everyone has things like this you know"! I really am quite irritated by this . She has assumed that we will not need extra support of any kind, but hasn't thought to ask whether there are learning problems in the family or whatnot. I don't have a local accent, and I'm truly p!ss£d off with people assuming that it relates directly to IQ! Does DD1 have any particular right to attend her local school over children from other areas? (It is literally two streets away.)

Levanna Thu 03-Feb-05 23:47:11

(That shold be "encompass with a gesture of her hand" )

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