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What is the difference between an educational phsycologist and phsyciartrist?

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pepsi Thu 03-Feb-05 21:20:24

My ds's school has recommended he see a educational pysycologist, he is 4.10 yrs. His previous nursery had concerns over him since he was 3 and he has been on an IEP. His current teacher is happy with him academically. He is not a naughty or aggressive child but makes a lot of noises and talks to himself quite a bit and is not really mixing. He is a loving little boy and very intelligent. I am happy for him to see someone I just wondered if anyone could enlighten me a little on the subject and on what they do/achieve and how.

pepsi Thu 03-Feb-05 21:45:10

Anybody? Does anyone here see one?

pixiefish Thu 03-Feb-05 21:47:37

can't say much on the subject BUT our educational psychologist (at school) is an ex special needs teacher. Think that a psychiatrist is a doctor

Aniles Thu 03-Feb-05 21:51:13


I think that educational psychologists deal with any thing to do with special educational needs. My daughter is dyslexic and has been assessed by one.

KristinaM Thu 03-Feb-05 21:53:17

A psychiatrist is a doctor who has specialised in treating mental health problems.They can use drugs or talking type therapies.You usually get referred through your GP.

A psychologist has a degree in psychology and has then taken further training. An educational psychologist should help your son and his teachers to cope better in school.They might suggest various plans and strategies for helping him - not drugs or medicines.Children usually get referred through the school or nursery.

Sorry - not a very technical explanation, but other here will be abel to explain it better!

Aniles Thu 03-Feb-05 21:54:13

...wheareas a pshychiatrist deals with mental illness?

pixiefish Thu 03-Feb-05 21:55:06

so i was on the right track then...

popsycal Fri 04-Feb-05 09:00:50

A psychiatrist trained as a doctor at university then once qualified and experienced, specialised in mental health problems.

An ed psych has a degree and has trained as a teacher, then has done a masters degree in educational psychology (ie identifyng and helping children with special needs).

Bit more involved than that but that is the basic difference.....

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