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urgent help - DS not allowed to bring his books home

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albosmum Thu 03-Feb-05 20:39:19

Quick bit of help needed - I have had a number of problems re DS at school does not want to go etc. I decided I wanted to look at his school work at home with his dad when ds2 was asleep and everyone was more relaxed - plus we could compare it to last years work. I have asked the school they said no - against school policy - I have asked them to reconsider they said no - and have said would I like a meeting. I have already met with his teacher - the problem is with DS perception of the work he is being asked to do and I would like to discuss it with him at home. Is their any reason why this is not allowed or are the school being obstructive. I need a response by tomorrow am Please help thanks in advance

hatsoff Thu 03-Feb-05 20:44:58

I suspect they are concerned that less responsible parents would loose it. You can kind of see the point that if everyone did it it could cause some disruption. Why don't you ask them why and if they give this as the answer, say you'd really like to discuss things at home with his dad, it will be difficult for you both to come into school, and you would not get the same amount of time to have a good look at the work, so would they consider letting you photocopy some of it in the school office (and you don't mind paying 5p a copy, or whatever)

albosmum Thu 03-Feb-05 20:47:22

good idea - but I did tell them I would personally guarantee that the books were collected and returned safely by me and not given to my 9 year old

pixiefish Thu 03-Feb-05 20:50:48

if they let you take them home then they've got to let everyone and some less responsible people could lose them. also they can keep track of the books this way- got to be the same rule for all probably. i'd go in if you can- perhaps do as hatsoff suggests and get some photocopied so you can discuss it with your dh.

i know where you're coming from but can also see school's pov

albosmum Thu 03-Feb-05 20:53:34

will e-mail and suggest it see if I get anymore joy

Ellbell Fri 04-Feb-05 20:06:37


Can see why you are keen to see your ds's work. Any chance you could make an appointment to see the teacher and to look at his books there in the classroom? Or won't they let you do this either?

What does anyone out there know about the Freedom of Information Act? We were discussing this at a governor's meeting last night, but I am not really up-to-speed with the legislation (as I have only just become a governor and so wasn't at the meeting when the school's policy was discussed). Anyway, I have a feeling that under the FOIA, the school may HAVE to let you see your ds's books, although they may charge you for the privilege. Even if this isn't actually covered by the FOIA, it might be worth mentioning it in your conversations with the school, just to see if it makes them change their mind. In any case, the school HAS to have a FOI policy, and if they are unsure what it is, you should be able to check with the LEA.

HTH... Good luck

CarrieG Fri 04-Feb-05 20:23:44

Is it his exercise books you want to see, or the work set - ie. textbooks & so on?

albosmum Sat 05-Feb-05 19:16:26

Its the exercise books i want to see - plus they have said I can come to school but this is impossible for DH and I have ds2 who is 9 months old plus ds1 who is v unhappy re school. So we really want to look at home when their is more time and peace

Don't know how it comes under FOI but under intellectual property is definitely DS1

albosmum Sat 05-Feb-05 19:17:17

I will ask about schools FOi but am guessing they have offered school as an option so they are probably covered

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