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Tips for CV please

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hercules Wed 02-Feb-05 17:44:55

Okay, havent done a cv since started teaching nearly 4 years ago and I've got an informal chat with a special needs school (mainly for physical disabilities) next week and they want me to bring my CV along!!!

I have had enough of where I am now and want a change. I arranged the chat and visit to get more of an idea if this type of school is for me.

Any tips on CV for teachers most welcome [smile} {smile}

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 17:46:14

will ask dh when he comes home

hercules Wed 02-Feb-05 18:27:11


hercules Wed 02-Feb-05 20:33:18


Mothernature Wed 02-Feb-05 20:37:05

1. Private Details:
Your address must be up-to-date in case potential employers choose to contact you by post. It's also important to include your National Insurance number, so keep this handy when completing your CV. Please note that schools are unable to view these details until you apply for a post with them.
2. CV Details:
Your supporting statement should detail your employment status and your circumstances. For example, mention here if you are planning or willing to relocate. It's also a good idea to use this area to emphasise to employers why you enjoy teaching and why you think you'll be good for the job on offer.
Your interests can tell an employer something about your personality and about you as an individual. It's important to keep these varied and focus on any interests relevant to teaching that you may have been involved in, such as community work. Don't be tempted to make up interests, you may well be asked about them should you make it to interview stage!
3. Qualifications:
Any potential employer will need to know your qualifications. List all relevant qualifications achieved since the age of 11. Ensure that you include any appropriate education courses you have undertaken, including details of any NQT Tests that you have completed
4. Experience:
Include any teaching experience you have to date, along with details of the schools and dates you were there. You could, for instance, include schools where you have worked for your teaching practice. For other experience, simply include brief details of any previous full-time employment or vacation work, together with any voluntary or part-time experience you may have.
5. References:
Although this section is optional at this stage of the application, it is recommended that you include at least two referees on your CV. Choose references from your teacher training institution or from schools where you have taught.

The 'CV Status' function enables schools to match their vacancies to your CV. If you do not want schools to contact you using this function, click on the edit link and select 'Do not let Schools see my CV' button. However, if you do want schools to be able to view your CV, your supporting statement and interests fields must be completed.
If you've selected 'Let Schools see my CV', schools that are advertising appropriate posts will be able to see your CV information and contact you by email. Schools will not be able to see your Private Details but will be able to see your CV Details, Qualifications and Experience.

Hope this helps

hercules Wed 02-Feb-05 20:45:17

Thanks mothernature

Mothernature Wed 02-Feb-05 20:59:01

here is the link you require

hercules Wed 02-Feb-05 21:00:17

Thanks again

Twiglett Wed 02-Feb-05 21:12:15

Disagree with including your NI number .. think that's giving far too much in a CV

am not a teacher but have never needed an NI number until payroll needs to be sorted

RTKangaMummy Wed 02-Feb-05 21:17:57


DH says he has not got anything else to add to yours

ok Hercules

hercules Wed 02-Feb-05 21:18:54

Thanks all

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