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Does your child's school know about this?

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Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 08:38:13

Wizz-bang Science for 11 - 14 year olds

If you would like us to send you a letter to take into school then email us on

Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 09:26:20


Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 09:32:15


S1ur Wed 02-Jul-08 09:38:17

is this something you're involved in?

Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 11:06:44

yes - my husband has set it up.

He has 10 years experience in this type of thing

Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 11:38:40


Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 12:05:13


Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 12:51:55

We have written to every school and the bookings are coming in now but I would like ot make sure everyone knows about it - so many letters just get chucked!!

Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 13:06:19


Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 16:04:12


Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 17:57:34


Whizzz Wed 02-Jul-08 18:00:23

Cool - and what a cool name grin

Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 18:52:21

oh yes cool name - smile

SparklyGothKat Wed 02-Jul-08 18:55:46

Is this for secondary schools? Or could year 6 go? You are not coming anywhere near us tho..

lackaDAISYcal Wed 02-Jul-08 19:00:16

was about to ask the same 6year old DS loves all things science. Would the roadshow be too advanced for him, or would he enjoy it as well? <desperate to come herself emoticon>

Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 19:36:57

yes it is for year 6 kids as well

SGK where are you?

SparklyGothKat Wed 02-Jul-08 20:28:21


Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 21:01:51

I guess Cambridge is the nearest

SparklyGothKat Wed 02-Jul-08 21:20:30

cambs about 1 hour away. How do we get onto this?

funnypeculiar Wed 02-Jul-08 21:23:16

Looks v cool smile
Mine are too young - but I'll be back in 7 years!

Beetroot Wed 02-Jul-08 21:33:48

If you would like to take your children then you can book online. one adult goes free with every 10 children otherwise it is £4 per child and £4 per adult.

Just book yourself as a child and make a note in the space available.

Or try to persuade the school to take a group.

Beetroot Thu 03-Jul-08 08:16:07


Beetroot Thu 03-Jul-08 10:09:45


fryalot Thu 03-Jul-08 10:13:29

beety - it looks fab grin

dp is a science teacher and it's exactly the kind of thing that would grab him. But you don't come anywhere near here. Are you likely to be coming anywhere in Yorkshire any time soon?

Beetroot Thu 03-Jul-08 12:27:45

we come to Harrogate. Is that not near you?

It is so diffucult to cover the whole of the UK - our plan was to make it much bigger but it was so expensive.

next year we may get to more places.

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